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New to the piggie world!


Cavy Slave
Apr 9, 2012
Hello everybody! My name is April. I'm looking into getting a pair of guinea pigs to share my home. Currently I have 2 bunnies, and 2 hermit crabs. I've been researching care and so forth so I am prepared before bringing them home. I've never owned guinea pigs before so I'll probably be asking many questions (sorry).
Well I'm excited to learn everything I can, and hope to be able to get some piggies before too long. Thanks for listening! :)
Welcome! I really love the forums as well as

Guinea Lynx also has a purchasable health record book that you can chart weights and health in, as well as medical information in the front. I really like mine so far.

I've had pigs for a year and I'm still learning things every day! Glad you're here to familiarize yourself with their care before you even have them. That's definitely a responsible thing to do!

Is there a rescue/ shelter you're checking out currently?
Hi and Welcome! Once you get your piggies we will want to see them, so please post pigtures :D! It's great that your reading up on them before hand!
Thanks for the warm welcome! Yes, I'm a total nerd/bookworm so I buy books, read websites, and get advice from forums before jumping into pet ownership. I want to give my pets everything I can. Well I don't have kids so my pets are my children (which doesnt make it easy when my pets pass on). I'm really wanting to build a c&c cage for them. My bunnies have c&c cages, with free roaming areas also, and I love them.
I'm really hoping to adopt an unwanted pet, that's how I got my bunnies. But it's not easy bc there dont seem to be any rescues around here. I see ads on Craigslist but I dont know if I should trust them. What to do...
Go with a Craigslist ad, as long as you're sure it's not a breeder. That still counts as adoption because you're not lining a pet store's pockets and you're taking in a piggy that needs a home. That's how I got my Amy, and she's a little sweetheart. Most of the people on Craigslist don't want the responsibility anymore, had kids who lost interest, are moving (Amy's case) or other reasons that are not the piggy's fault.

Glad you found this forum. It's an amazing wealthy of information. You'll be well prepared to give your new guinea pig (or hopefully a pair) a great home.
I'm very grateful to have found this forum. I'm finding a ton of helpful info here! I saw someone mention a rescue in the DC/Baltimore area so I'm going to send an application to them. I asked if I was too far away and a very nice person there replied very quickly that I'm not. That's excellent news. I wish I could remember the other thread bc I would thank the person for mentioning it. Im thinking that's what the button on the lower left corner of posts is.
I've ordered my c&c cage (5x2 w/a 2x2 loft) and some piggy bedspreads which look like a great product. The price of the cage with the coroplast isnt really much more than if I made it myself. And the bedspreads I couldn't have made easily. April + needle= blood! I have no talent with sewing, lol!! No biggie :)
So I'm excited and getting my supplies together, and soon I will send an application in. Yay!
Oh exciting! Piggiebedspreads are very high quality. Let us know how the application process goes!:eek:
Hi April! Not sure which end of the beaches you're on, but I'm in Middletown. I went through Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue in Atco, NJ. They're an hour drive from here, but SO worth it! When problems arise (ie. piggies got mites), they said to bring them up there and they treated them for me for free (although I took them some donations since I love them so much!). They're always there to answer questions promptly and give great advice. Very passionate, caring and knowledgeable group.
@MissJean thanks, I will! :)

@rottiemominde well hello fellow Delawarean! I'm on the western edge of Rehoboth bay. It's long neck. I've heard about little miracles, but I didn't know they had piggies. Thanks, I will consider them as well. I'm leaning toward the DC/Baltimore one at the moment bc they spay and neuter their piggies which makes it possible to have a m/f bonded pair but I don't know if it really matters like with rabbits. Thanks for your interest :)
Adoption application approved! Next is the monthly adoption meet sometime in mid may or mid June! So in a few weeks I'll have some piggies, yay!
How exciting! Can't wait to hopefully see pigtures sometime next month or soon after when you adopt your piggies.
Congratulations! Can't wait to see some pigtures when you get them!
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