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New to the forums & to guinea pigs


Cavy Slave
Apr 4, 2012
I've been reading this site quite a bit recently and finally decided to join. I'm looking to get my first guinea pigs soon and love all the information this community has to offer!

My name's Casey, I'm a college student living in Olympia, WA with my boyfriend (who also looks forward to having little piggies soon).

As far as the piggies... I've been scouring craigslist for a pair of girls (not from breeders but pigs that need to be re-homed) and shelters (not much luck there). I'll be building the cage this weekend after I find some coroplast or other liner/floor.

So.... Hi :)
Welcome to the forum :)
Welcome! :D Can't wait to see some pigtures of your cage, and the girls you plan on getting!
Hello! Welcome! If you can/are willing to drive to seattle, there are tons of pigs for adoption on cl! Is seattle 1-2 h away? Also, have you considered males? I've had mostly sweet females, but every male I have ever had was amazingly affectionate!
Yes I was considering some in Seattle (about an hour or more depending on traffic). But the piggy at the shelter that I was in love with has been adopted, and some have shown up recently that are closer to me so I'm going for them. Hopefully picking them up Sunday! If it doesn't work out, the shelter in Seattle did have another pair of females so I could try to get them.

I was considering males but after reading about the extra care and health problems I wasn't sure... in the future when I have more space & can get the females spayed I would love to get a boy (neutered of course).
Aww that's a shame that you couldn't get that piggy you had your eye on...hopefully she found a good home! Unlike some other rodent pets like rats, spaying/neutering guinea pigs doesn't do all that much for their health or temperament. For example, spaying a female rat decreases her chances of having mammary tumors from about 70% to about 5%. Therefore, you only have to spay/neuter to prevent pregnancy. Most people that go this route have multiple intact females with one neutered male. I myself have two intact females and one neutered male. They get along fantastically! I'm not sure about male health problems. I do know they can have impaction problems, but that risk is reduced with neutering and providing plenty of opportunities for exercise with a large cage and floor time.
Welcome to the forum! And thank you for adopting rather than purchasing. I'm sure your piggies will have a very happy home.
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