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New to the forum. Me and my Piggies


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Jun 2, 2011
Hey everyone!
I'm not so new to guinea pigs, but I'm kinda new to the forum. You see I signed up a while ago, but only posted a few things and wasn't interested then, but I am now!!!! Still exploring the forum, seeing where everything is, what a great place! My first little guinea pig was the best one I will ever have, Luna, she could never be replaced. I have to little female sister guinea pigs,which Luna tought them all their manners, (not exactly sure how old they are, I think somewhere from 2-3 years), that I axedently bred from a petstore mama, Smokey, I got her as a Christmas present and didn't know she was pregnant. She sadly passed away a while ago,:weepy:,but now I have her two beautiful daghters!:)!Their names are Coffee and LordBrocktree, although they are both girls, we didn't know Lordbrocktree was a girl, and we never changed it, lol! Coffee's atitude is more snuggly and stay at home typ piggie, and Lord is sweet but not as cuddly, and LOVES to explore, and Coffee is always behind her. They are very close, I don't know what would happen to them is they didn't have each other...I don't like to think of it. I am going to try to get some pics on here, if anyone would like that, and show them to you people. Please contact me for any questions, and I'll see what I can do.

P.S, I'm a very bad typer, lol! sorry!:sad::crazy:

Thanks for letting me post,
Welcome to the forum!

Sounds like you have some really great pigs. I'm glad your 2 babies are doing well even though their mom passed-on.

Your avatar pigture is adorable. Are those your babies?
Thank you! Sorry, I just came here and didn't know anyone had replied, so sorry I kept you waiting, and I couldn't exactly figure out how long ago you posted that reply because I don't know hwere you live, so I don't know if it was a month ago, a week, a day, but either way, thanks!:)
And thank you again, I'll tell them you told em' they were adorible, because yes, those are my babies! Well, not the actual babies, but my mum and aunt piggy! The smokey colored one around the face and rest white, is Smokey, the mum, who as I said passed one, sadly. So did the silver colored one, Luna, me first little pig. You can look in my personal album for more, (;
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