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New to the Forum..finding wonderful info on here!


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Nov 30, 2011
Im Krystal and my pigs are Roxy and Jordy.
Jordy is sick right now which is how I found the site - doing research.
Aww, what's wrong with the little one? And welcome too btw :)
Just posted on medical. She is at the piggy hospital last night and tonight. Doc says she has a blockage. :( everything I read about blockage is bad bad bad. I hope my Jordy is ok. She is still alive and this will be day 3 after noticing bloat
Welcome, and I hope your little one does ok.
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Can annoying posts like this that have nothing to do with the thread be reported? I find it very rude. I hope this person doesn't plan to spam every thread with this crap.
All you have to do is report a post like that. One of the mods will come along and take care of it. There's no point in clogging up other forums with comments about it.
Hello there, I'm new to this website also and I agree! It is wonderful to be able to get information, advice and help from others not just google :) I'm sorry to hear about your little piggy. I hope everything goes well :( Please keep us informed.
Jordy had emergency surgery this morning. She did not make it. I miss her so much.

New to the Forum..finding wonderful info on here!
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss =(
I'm so sorry. RIP sweet Jordy.
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