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New to site, open to advice and suggestions with a little problem.


Cavy Slave
Jun 24, 2012
Hello everyone. This is just my first post and I have a bit of a situation. My first guinea pig I ever rescued (Yes I rescue, I don't purchase or breed.) passed away this morning of natural causes. We hand fed her for a week and took her to the vet multiple times and did everything we could. Me and my fiance' are having a rough time with it and I have a few questions for the community.

My first question is will the cage mate be alright?
They were together for a long time and would never leave each others side. I'm a little worried that my other piggie will be depressed now and I don't want anything to happen to her as well.

Second, when is it to soon to get a new piggy?
Now I'm not saying I'm thinking about running out and getting a new pig. I just have a habit of taking guinea pigs from people who can't take care of them anymore. I also want to eventually get a new piggy for my female eventually since I can already tell she is lonely now (She was with the other one since she was roughly 3 months old.) Plus my fiance would like another one eventually as well, for the same reasons basically. Plus I am worried that the cage is to big for just one guinea pig.

Third, Will my guinea pig even except a new cage mate if I get one eventually?
She really loved Spooky and I don't know if she would open up to another piggy so to speak. I don't want them to fight or hurt each other.

Thanks to anyone who helps me out.
well I cant tell you when its too soon to get a new pig, I personally believe that is up to you. you have to do your grieving. She wont expect it, but i bet shell be happy about it XD. When it comes to loses in the gunie pig world I think they understand to some extant that there friend is gone and isn't coming back. Most pigs do get depressed when losing a friend just like people do but life goes on for them as it would people. Its really up to the pig
Thank you :] To be honest I'm in that stage where I don't wanna even put any of my piggies down cause I don't wanna lose them haha. I guess I'm a bit paranoid right now is all.
There's no hard and fast rule about when it's okay to get another pig. That all depends on when you are ready for a new one.

If you are concerned about your pig accepting a new friend, you can call and see if you can do a meet & greet between your pigs and adoptable pigs at the shelter or rescue. Although they can exerience grief and depression from the loss of a bonded friend, they are also adaptable to new friends.
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