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New to posting about myself personally


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Cavy Slave
Nov 18, 2011
So, I didn't do my intro thread while I was a cavy newbie because I was nervous about how little knowledge I had about guinea pigs at the time. I don't have guinea pigs, and as far as I know I won't have any anytime soon. The reason being, I am 19, living at home with 5 other people(2 brothers, one future sister in law, and two parents) and one cat(moms), one puppy(oldest brother/his fiancee's) and second oldest brothers fishies. Since being on the forums, and in the chat room(very nice people in the chat room, join us some time :) ) I have learned so much, and have been adding lots of information to my guinea pigs folder on my computer. So, I guess I just wanted to say hi everyone, you can call me Ear. I want to adopt guinea pigs(haven't had a whole lot of success locating rescues near me(Bend, OR) might have to drive a ways, which is fine. But as I said mom doesn't want another pet in our house right now even though I have been waiting for years for my very own pet. I know once I learn alot more, and get things settled in the family and financially guinea pigs are the right choice for me.
Hi, Ear! So glad you told us a little about your situation. I hope your mom comes around but if not you will be moving out one day and can rescue your piggies then!
Hello Ear! Better late than never. By doing your research all before you get your new piggies you will be way ahead of the game. When you do get your piggies, of course we will have to have pictures and will rejoice with you.
Good job on doing the research ahead of time. It really makes things easier when you finally get the piggies. I also agree one day you will have your own place and then you can get your piggies.
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