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New to Guinea Pigs!


Cavy Slave
Apr 20, 2012
Hey, I'm Megan! This is the first time I have ever owned Guinea Pigs... I have had them for almost three weeks now... I have two girls (sisters, actuallly), both albino, and both babies! It has been fun trying to figure out what they need and what they like, but also a challenge! One (Nibbler) will eat veggies and fruits and doesn't like to be held unless wraped in fleece and cuddled... The other (Rosea) loves to be held and purs non-stop when you hold her, but won't eat veggies or fruit (which is very frusterating!) They both like to sleep next to each other and cuddle! But when one is sleeping (usually Rosea) and the other wants to play (usually Nibbler) there is a lot of fighting and pushing! (No harsh fighting, just more of a get off me I was sleeping fight!) I am having so much fun with them, and am hoping to learn lots from here... So far, have some great cage ideas... They are in a 2x4 homemade C&C cage (homemade, meaning they have a plastic tarp under their blankets, and fleece) but soon that will all change, I am hoping to get them to a two story place with storage under them, have not figured out how to do that homemade yet! (I don't like having to buy something I can make on my own, cheaper and usually better) Sorry, I know this is very long, but I'm a talker and LOVE to talk about my babies!! ❤️❤️
Thanks for reading,
Welcome! So glad you have joined us! We are a great piggie family who love to talk about and show pictures of our piggies.
There is great info also so you can take the very best care of your babies. Check out all the great threads.
Just a little fun fact. White red eye piggies are called. pink eyed whites or PEW,s.
Feel free to ask questions. we are here for you and your girls.
Welcome to the forum! We'd love to see some pigtures of your girls :). We have quite an addiction here! :p
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