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New to Guinea Pigs/Floor Time Question

Katie Sandlin

Cavy Slave
Nov 15, 2011
Hi everyone!

I got Lucy and Ethel Nov. 11 and Midnight Nov. 20. I am new to the guinea pig world, but I am obsessed with caring for these little ones. They are the perfect pets; not too much work, but very enjoyable.

My main problem right now is floor time. When I try to pick them up, I wind up having to pin them down. They dig their nails into the hardwood and try to run. It's extremely heart breaking. I am almost thinking of not doing floor time, but I know they need the exercise. I just feel like it is breaking what little bond we have. Any suggestions?


New Piggie Lover :love:
Welcome to the world of guinea pigs!

For starters, don't put them on a wood floor. Put an old blanket or towels down -- that will give them more traction and will help protect the floors.

Second, don't let them run loose in a large area. That just makes them harder to catch. Until you can get some grids to make a playpen, you can box them into one corner of a room, or use a hall or large bathroom.

Third, cut the ends out of a shoebox and gently shoo them into the box. Put your hands over the holes and lift the whole box. This saves chasing them down, and is much less traumatic for them and for you. It also works well when picking them up out of the cage.
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