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New to guinea pigs...again


Cavy Slave
Jan 15, 2012
Hi there!

I recently got two male guinea pigs, Charlie and Max. Previously (a few years ago) we had another guinea pig, Bootsy, that we adopted, but she sadly was only with us for a few months before she passed away. At that point I decided to wait till we had the upstairs finished so I'd have more room for a bigger cage and to get a pair. The larger cage is on it's way and I've been reading through the posts on fleece and am looking forward to attempting a liner :p.

In addition to the guinea pigs we have the following:

Mini Aussie - Lupe
Cat - Deniro
Bearded Dragon - Walter
9 Hermit Crabs
2 horses - Adele and Emily
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Your the only other person on here who has hermie's like me. We have 2 Ariel and Sabastian.
Welcome back to the world of guinea pigs! So glad you have found the forum. You will find here all you need for your piggies. We love sharing and we love pictures. So welcome.
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