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New to G Piggies in NZ!


Cavy Slave
Nov 15, 2011
Hi there :)

We are in Tauranga, New Zealand & My son Cody was given two very gorgeous guinea pigs for his birthday in October, their names are Buzz and Woody (hmmm i wonder where that came from? curiously they actually suit their names) since then i have been researching all about them.
First of all, we have an outside cage, but all i read Everywhere is how they shouldnt be outside, but it isnt possible to have them inside our home.:weepy: does anyone on this site have an outside cage? and what is your setup like?

we have had them for about 4 weeks now and are in a cage on legs , in which during the day i pick them up and place them in a playpen i have set up that runs under the cage and to the side about 1 square metre, they are happy little things in there! they have rocks to climb on and plumbing pipes to crawl through and hide and they lOVE the grass!

i give the hay from a farm nearby and they sleep play and eat in it, and have been researching food they eat , and here is what Cody and I are feeding them
Celery, carrot, silverbeet, apples, parsley , parsnip, orange- but they didnt eat that, dandelion leaves. i also heard that asparagus is good for them but they didnt go near it.

i wont go on, just wanted to meet others in NZ with guinea pigs, what their cages are like and just share stories. thanks for reading lol
Welcome to the forum! There are at least two other New Zealanders around, I believe. Maybe they'll see this and respond. And we'd surely like to see some pictures of your pigs.

There's a wealth of information here. Start with the Diet and Nutrition thread on this site, and read the "read me" and "sample veggie menus" threads. Your pigs need far less fruit than they're getting -- it should only be an occasional treat. They need vitamin C, and green bell peppers are great for that. The colored ones also have a lot of C, but are higher in sugar and should just be given sparingly. Cilantro is also good -- pigs tend to love that.

Parsley is fine while they're young, but has too much calcium for adult pigs. Red and green leaf lettuce are good as far as leafy greens are concerned -- most of the others either have or lack something that makes them unsuited for daily consumption.

If they hay is timothy or another grass hay, that's fine. If it's alfalfa or another legume, you need to find a source of grass hay. The nutritional value of legumes and grasses is quite different, and guinea pigs need the grass hays.

Also read the articles on the main page of this site, and at Guinea Pig Education, Care, Rescue and Adoption at Cavy Spirit.

We do strongly recommend that they be kept inside, for several reasons. For one thing, they're prey animals, and they hide illnesses almost to the point of total collapse. If you can see them several times a day, you'll be far more likely to catch anything going wrong with them.

For another, you can't build a hutch that spiders and insects can't get into, and it's hard to build one that will keep snakes out. Also, there are pretty frequent news reports of guinea pigs that are stolen from their outdoor hutches, or killed when a pack of dogs gets to them. Those mostly happen in the UK, where more pigs are kept outside than in the US.

Another factor is heat. They are very susceptible fatal overheating in high temperatures -- about 85 degrees fahrenheit is all they can cope with, and that not well. You'll have to work out something to keep them cooler than that in the summertime.

There are some pretty creative cage designers on here -- are you sure you don't have enough room to squeeze in a cage for them in the house? They could be in their outdoor run during the daytime in good weather.
Thanks for your reply bpatters! here are some pics: Buzz is the black and brown one, Woody is the fluffy caramel coloured , hes the pretty boy ;)
New to G Piggies in NZ!New to G Piggies in NZ!New to G Piggies in NZ!New to G Piggies in NZ!New to G Piggies in NZ!
nope unfortunately we definitely dont have the room for them inside. our temperatures where we live dont get much higher than 29 Celcius (85 F), in summer, and when its raining or in the cold we move them to our covered deck. I have seen one cat around in over a year of living here, and the house is fully fenced so no dogs and, thankfully we dont have snakes in NZ!! The place where i have them outside , i shift them along the fence line to get new grass so they are creating a mowing strip. this area of our home sees the sun only for a few hours but even at this time it is mostly shaded. i am thinking of investing in a different hutch that is on wheels and has a non- wire floor for a long run. i have to say that everyone i have known to have guinea pigs in the past, here in NZ have had them outside, and they have lived a long happy life, my mother had thm as a child, they ended up with 21 of the little critters in a large hutch down by their river next to the chickens, and they brought them inside for cuddles often.lol im not trying to justify me having them outside as i know they are probably best inside, its just the situation we are put in :(

anyways i will see how they go, its all i can do for now. they are happy at the moment, we have been spending time with them and Woody eats out of my hand and ive seen him do popcorns...is that what they are called? very cute, Buzz is more reserved, doesnt like the initial hand going in to pat him, but when i do get to pat him it seems he realises its feels nice and lets me. they dont really like to be held yet, and im sure its because we got them at a few months old, and im not sure if they were handled much.

i just got some more food for them today and that includes some green red and yellow peppers, so hopefully they will like them
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