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new to fleece bedding....


Cavy Slave
Jan 14, 2012
hello, i am new here. i have just found out about the fleece blankets for bedding instead of hay. i really am interested in doing the fleece rather than the hay. the hay is expensive and messy. i have a huge open cage, but i have no idea on how to make a fleece bedding. can any body give me a step by step explanation on how to make the fleece bedding? i have 2 male guinea pigs, about 1 year old each.

it would be greatly appreciated! (pics would be great too!)

Pigs still need hay to eat, and I'm not sure why you were also using it as bedding.

Some people sew fleece to absorbent material, but you can just place towels underneath the fleece to hold the urine. Do you currently use a C&C cage? If so, you can take binder clips and clip the fleece down to the coroplast.

Info on C&C cages can be found here: Cubes and Coroplast
As said above, your pigs will still need timothy hay. I've heard of it being used as bedding, but it seems that it would be very costly, and messy. Anyway, just buy fleece from a fabric store, wash it about three times, and then it can be used as bedding. Just lay down some towels (Or other absorbent stuff) On the bottom of your cage. Next just lay the fleece on top of that. Make sure you do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets when washing the fleece. This makes it lose it's ability to wick away moisture.
I didn't like fleece, because it can get smelly (not disgusting but i didn't personally like the smell) even with changing it everyday twice! I use a big blanket/thick throw for my indoor run attached to their indoor hutch, i use shavings in the main hutch, and i prefer the blanket/throw in the run as it seems to absorb more and doesn't smell. I have no problems with shavings, but i know what you mean they get messy, Megazorb/carefresh is so expensive where i live, £20.00 for a medium bag which would not even last one change. Good luck with the fleece. I purchased 10 large fleece for £2 each in Tesco!!
(Shavings/hay i mean for bedding in hutch. My girls LOVE having lots of hay to sleep on/play in)
when i said hay, i didnt mean timothy hay for bedding, i meant shavings. thanks all. im going to buy some fleece today!
I am also switching to fleece, Uhaul pads are on the way! Fleece is bought needs 1 more wash and we are good 2 go.

Let me know how you like it. I bet you are excited (like me)!
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