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New to C&C Cages! 2nd time Guinea Mommy.

Juanita Kelly

Cavy Slave
Jan 15, 2012
The first time I owned Guinea Pigs, it was when my children were pre-teen. We all enjoyed them, but when they passed, we put everything away. Now my kids are grown, and I decided to adopt a couple Guinea Pigs for myself!

I had always kept my piggies in a fish tank (20 gal.), but have always advocated larger is better when it comes to small animal pets!! Unfortunatly I never had the money to buy anything bigger from the pet store.

I never new about C&C Cages until this time around when I accidently came across this website!!! I was thrilled to find that I could build them a 2 story cage for very little money!!!

I used my $30.00 frequent shoppers bonus bucks from K-Mart to buy the cubes & some extra bedding - the cubes were $19.99, but they were basically free to me! Then asked my neighborhood sign maker if I could purchase the Coroplast from him -- he gave me 2 pieces (4'x4' and 2'x3') for only $10.00!!! So after reading the directions posted here I now have a WONDERFUL piggy play area for my guinea pigs!!

I've uploaded the pictures of my 2-level cage in the multi-level photo area in this website (although I'm not sure how to attach them to this posting).

Thank you so much for your help!!
That's so great. I'm glad you have found a way to provide a larger, more comfortable home for your new piggies. ❤️

Can you introduce them to us? Names, ages, genders?
Momma Squeea (she's the Mom), she's white & brown and approx. 6 months old. Squirt is the baby (female) and she's also white & brown and approx. 2 months old.

I guess Petsmart cannot sell female guinea's, so when I saw the sign that said they had some up for adoption, I asked about it. They had wanted me to buy a whole set-up, but when I said that I had owned Guinea's before and still had by previouse set-up, they let me adopt two of them for free (of course I had to buy new bedding and food, so I still bought something from them).

Momma Squeea is pretty friendly. She's still getting used to being held, but doesn't freak-out when we hold her. Squirt isn't used to being held yet and will still squeel a little when we pick her up and sometimes when we hold her she will squeel a lot... but I know with time, she'll get used to it and maybe even enjoy it.
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