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new piggy!!!


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Dec 25, 2011
i got a fourth pig today i rescued him from a lady who was allergic, he had a SUPER small cage it was really bad! he is in with my other boy right now and they like each other YAY! His name is Howey hes super nice a tri abbysinian and american mix, super cute!:):):)
Pictures please!!! He sounds adorable. I love his name. :)
Congrats!!! I adopted our 3rd piggie today and thankfully all of the girls are getting along great :) Welcome to the forum!!!
must have been something in the air this weekend...we brought home our fourth yesterday!
atleast great piggies are getting homes they deserve!
lol thanks.and congrats to you!
ill post ASAP!
Thanks to you he will get to stretch his little piggy legs! :D
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