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New piggy today...sad story!


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Oct 9, 2011
I was browsing Craiglist today (had a bad weekend, boyfriend of 15months decided to take a break from us) and anyway, what did I happen upon?

An ad for a guinea pig, a female. Curiosity gets the best of me,and I don't know why I did, but decided to email the guy and asked for pics.

He sent me back pictures of this GORGEOUS piggy who was in what looked like a 20 gallon aquarium. I couldn't believe it. I emailed him back and told him I'd be there within the hour.

This piggie is gorgeous. A bit smaller than my other two, but maybe about the same age. The guy said he got her for a gift for his daughter, but she wasn't taking care of it. I fell in love and couldn't leave her there. The cage was about three inches thick of yucky bedding. I just took the piggy. She got a bath as soon as I got home. She seems very skittish, but hoping that will get better with time.

Here's some pics for you!
[GuineaPigCages.com] New piggy today...sad story!

[GuineaPigCages.com] New piggy today...sad story!

[GuineaPigCages.com] New piggy today...sad story!

They all three seem to be getting along well, been on floor time for about an hour now- some rumblestrutting and butt sniffing, but all is well.

[GuineaPigCages.com] New piggy today...sad story!

(good thing I split that tube huh?)

I'm going to have to find a way to add at least one more grid to my 2x3, making it a 2x4. Cant do any bigger than that. I don't know how, but I'm gonna try! I just couldn't leave here there.

She also doesn't have a name! The man said his daughter called her Piggie. Any ideas for a name?
she is ADORABLE! Good luck to you, I know she will be doing so much better now :)
She is so cute! Even though you didn't quarantine, or did you?

Either way, a check up is in order. I got GB that way, out of a tank. I think it was a ten gallon tanks..yikes.

Also, why don't you try making an upstairs to expand a little? Look at the photo gallery for more ideas.
I got my piggie from craigslist too! I cant believe anyone would ever do that too a little piggie!!! Im glad he put that ad on craigslist though. Shes in a much better home now! Congrats on your neww piggie!
I am so happy for the piggy now. I know she will have a wonderful home now! :D

As far as space goes, I agree with Gigabyte. A second story would add some adventure for the babies.

A name.... the colors of her face look like the yin-yang symbol, so maybe Yang? (The good side lol)
All I can say is she's precious! When my daughter was born, she was really petite. The doctor called her "Peanut."
I didn't quarantine, I'm hoping she will be fine. She looks/seems good, except she was just stinky. She is not scratching or anything. She has an appointment tomm. with the vet.

As for the cage. I think I can get a cube in. It' will be tight fit!! I do plan to make an upstairs too. I can use the coro from the bottom to make an upstairs, as I'll have to get a new sheet for the bottom. Hopefully make it a 1x4 upstairs (gonna try and make it along the back wall)

Here is my cage now. Needs a new bottom anyway :) But I think I can squeeze a fourth cube in there

[GuineaPigCages.com] New piggy today...sad story!

[GuineaPigCages.com] New piggy today...sad story!
@(broken link removed)
The cage looks great. I'm sure she'll be fine.
She is so pretty :) I got my Carliee from craigslist also. She was living in a cat taxi with another gp. So awful how people think it's okay for them to live like that.
What an adorable girl!!! The cream side of her reminds me of one of my old little rats, Sugar Blossom. The other side of her reminds me of my mischievous rat, Twinkers. Then there is that black patch over her eye...so I'll suggest another former rattie name I used- Patches! I'd love to use all these names again for my pigs but my husband was too attached to those rats to allow it! (They are all in rattie heaven now...)
I've decided if we get any more piggies I'm going to name them after cartoon piggies. Like Petunia, or Peppa or Olivia. Things like that. She's adorable.
I'm leaning towards Butterscotch, maybe Praline.

I have a psuedo-niece that would love her name to be Oliva!
kudos for rescuing your new girl. She is adorable i like praline
I like butterscotch...also i noticed a certain marking by her eye...so now I like Lightning too! (Did anyone else see that?)

Congrats on the new pig! Ginger was a CL pig too...

Just curious...did you quarentine her?

Once again, congrats! :)
name her nonpareil, no equal
The mark in the fur by her eye made me think of a Greek letter...I looked it up and it's called "Chi" if that would work? Beautiful piggie!
Her colours remind me of a Pancake or some Toast :) It's funny how when people name piggies - so many of them get named after food!
She is adorable! I love how the black markings around one eye look like extra long "eyelashes" .
Wow! she is sooooooo cute!!!!!
That mark on her right eye is so cute! Congrats on the new friend :)
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