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New piggy says "hi!"


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Dec 30, 2011
I've been a piggy mommy for around 12 years now. When my first girly passed at a ripe old age of 7 I said "no more piggies". (due to cost, not lack of love!) My resolve lasted less than 24 hours. When I went to return her unused supplies to the pet store I saw one lonesome little gal sitting all by herself in a huge cage and couldn't resist her charms.

Here's the real Jadzia.

New piggy says "hi!"

I stumbled across this place while looking for ways to keep her more comfortable. Sadly, she does not appear to be destined to reach the same old age her predecessor did. She developed a mammarian tumor a few months back at the age of 5 and due to age and cost I've decided to leave it be.

Not to end on a downer: this is the first place I had heard of fleece being used for bedding. Last night I lined her cage with it. I hoped for much joy from her. Instead she looked around, located her food dish, checked for treats, and carted her green beans off to eat in the comfort of her little igloo. I hope that she is more cozy even if she isn't very impressed!
Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing Jadzia's pigture with us. She sure is sweet looking.

At five years old and with a medical condition I wouldn't have expected her to popcorn all over the place with the energy of a young piggy, but I can pretty much assure you she is happy and comfortable.

I hope you get to spend lots of time with Jadzia and I'm glad to hear she'll be living out her days in a very caring home.
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