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New Piggy on the Block!

Silly GPiggy

Cavy Slave
Feb 20, 2012
Hi! I'm Vanessa, and I have a girl guinea pig, Angelina. Angelina is 3 months old, and she is light brown, white, and dark brown. She resembles the mouse Angelina, from Angelina Ballerina! She is my first guinea pig, and I joined so I could see tips from other...wiser....guinea pig owners, and I am very excited to do so!
Hi and welcome. I am a new co-owner too with my 7 year old and have been on the site for a few days. There are a lot a great knowledgeable people here and a lot of useful information.

I know one of the best things recommended here is to have two same sex guinea pigs in the same cage. It makes them happier as they are social critters. Just make sure you have a big enough cage for them both (the home page here has great info on that).

Welcome to piggy love. I am already crazy for ours!
Welcome to the forum! You have found a great place, feel free to ask any questions and please post a photo of your Angelina!
Welcome to the world of piggies and the forum. Look around, read all of the great info that is here. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. and yes, we love pictures.
Thank you everyone! I feel very welcomed! :eek:
welcome to you and your piggie, I am also a new owner of a 3-4 month old female short haired name gidget. I have got alot of very helpful information so ask ask ask. Post pictures we love pictures
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