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Mounting New Piggy Not Accepted


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Sep 25, 2011
I had two piggies, Murphy and Patches, who got along great although they were purchased at different times. In March of this year Murphy passed away. I've been to the rescue place three times trying to pair Patches but it didn't work. I decided to go ahead and purchase another piggy. His name is DC and he is younger and smaller than Patches, who is a nice size piggy. Anyway, Patches started mounting poor DC immediately. He just wouldn't give the poor guy a break. Fortunately I have a 2nd story on the cage but Patches has always refused to go to the 2nd story. I guess now that is a blessing in disguise. DC has no qualms going to the 2nd story and has made it his home. It is small because I only wanted to use it for the eating area. I will now have to build it out more so that DC has more room. At first, DC would go down to the lower level more often than he does now but Patches would continually mount him and just wouldn't give DC a break. DC pretty much stays on the 2nd level now. I truly hate this is happening. Also, DC was so gentle and such a sweet little guy when I first brought him home. He let me pick him up and didn't run from me. Now, he runs and really squeals when I try to pick him up.

Any suggestions on how I can get Patches to stop mounting would be greatly appreciated. I would love for these two to get along. :sad:
Mounting is typical dominance behavior, and nothing is inherently wrong with it. You really don't need to separate them unless they fight to the point of drawing blood. By continually separating them at the first sign of one establishing dominance, you're just delaying the inevitable. Let them work it out. Stand by with a towel handy to separate them if you really need to, but let them figure it out on their own.
i started with one pig and now have 4, so i've had some experiences with introductions, mostly difficult. i agree with @Mastershroom - let them work it out as long as there's no bloodshed. it's very nerve-wracking to stand by and watch, but after awhile they'll get used to each other and figure out a way to deal. it can take weeks, but just think about how log it took you to get used to a new place when you moved! are either of them in puberty by the way - that horror surely complicates things! :crazy:
Mounting is normal. It has nothing to do with "not accepting" or "not giving a break" to another pig. It's typical dominance behavior.

I've had 11 males over the last 6 years and have seen a lot of mounting but all have been successful introductions. You just have to let them do their thing. Don't separate unless there is blood drawn. Just let them work it out.

I'm disappointed that you decided to buy despite knowing about adoption. You got impatient and thus more money goes into the hands of petstores and breeding mills. I hope it was worth it.
How large is your cage? Did you follow the proper introductions and disinfect the cage? I wouldn't want one to be confined to a smaller upper level. Personally, I'd remove the upper level and expand the bottom level since there's been no blood shed and allow them to work it out.
It's good to know that this is typical and the little guy is not being harmed. I have not separated them, DC did that on his own. He stays on the top level and won't go down. I figured he would when he was ready. It seems cruel to block the top and make him stay on the bottom.

pinky, in terms of introducing them correctly, I don't know if I disinfected the cage or not. I removed everything, wiped the coroplast with a cage cleaner, and washed the fleece bedding 4 times before putting it back in the cage. If that's not correct please let me know what I should have done. The cage is 5'10" x 2'4". This does not include the 2nd level.

CavyMama you're right, I'm not extremely happy about buying rather than adopting but since things were not going well, I was afraid that Patches was really lonely or that he was going to get so use to being alone that he wouldn't accept another piggy. Adopting from the rescue center is difficult since they won't let you adopt unless the piggies get alone within the 30 minutes or less that they pair them. Also I looked on the adoption page here and did find one for adoption in my area but someone else beat me to the adoption. I purchased DC from a feed store which here in Texas is a place that have a few animals, like pigs and roosters and farm type animals and their feed and supplies. It is not your typical pet store. Don't know if that makes a difference or not.

Also, I was told by the folks at the rescue place that teeth chattering was bad and if that should happen they are not likely to get along and they should be separated.
oh, my goodness! my pigs teeth-chatter ALL the time! at each other, at me, at whatever imaginary boogey-man is lurking around the fleece corner!! :D i think it's just their way of saying, "back-off dude!". and usually, the offending party - the other pig, or me and my big hand, get the hint and move away. unless the warning isn't heeded, and things escalate, i wouldn't worry. after all, it's one of the few ways they have to communicate with each other!
OMG, the people at the rescue place have me scared to death. When I took Patches to be paired and the two started the teeth chatter, they immediately removed/separated them and said they would not be a good match. That's why I always left empty handied.

Why do you think DC won't go down to the lower level with Patches. Should I force him?
ok - so this is just my OPINION based on my own experience. animals communicate and figure things out pretty good on their own. especially pack/herd animals. for their own survival they have to establish who's boss, and then the rest of the pecking order. then the boss makes the rules, and has to tell the others what the rules are. and until they learn the rules, there's plenty of correction. just like human families, really, right? so, as has already been said - as long as there's no bloodshed, and as long as all pigs are eating and drinking (sometimes one pig will block another from food/water - so weighing them in the beginning is a good idea) watch them and let them work it out. and even after they do work it out, the rules and all, there are still times with my pigs when there's squealing, teeth chattering and mounting. i might also suggest that you ask around here and see if you an find another rescue that might have better success in matching pigs. good luck!
As I said earlier, DC is pretty much staying on the 2nd level. I don't know if he or if they both dictated this but that is the way it is right now. I provide them both with pellets, hay, water and veggies. Since Patches won't go on the top level everything is good for right now. I just hate to see DC confined to the top level and to see them separate themselves from each other. DC is a pretty young piggie and maybe it just means he needs to mature a little more.

Since I already have the two males, wouldn't it be a bad idea to add another one, although I really would like to have a companion for at least one of them.
That's odd, thats the rescue I went to, pair one of my boars. And we spent an HOUR during the pairing room.
Anyhow I am not good with numbers can anyone tell me 5'10" x 2'4 comparison to grids or cm lol

I would just make sure there is no bullying going on. I am glad you also put food and water on the top level as well. Because it could be that DC is afraid to go to the downwards level because of patches might want to bully him (i.e getting control of all resources preventing a piggy from doing anything.)

Have you tried in an open big BIG neutral area?
I did try an open big neutral area when I first got DC, the I put them in 2 separate playpens that were touching so that they could still interact. But on Friday night, things went terribly wrong. DC came down from the top and stayed on the bottom. Guess he got tired of the top since it's so small. My son came and told me he heard a lot of ruckus in the cage and when he went to look, Patches was on the top level. That was a first. When I went to look they were make the chattering noise with their teeth at each other and before I knew what happend they both had their teeth in each other and was thrashing around the cage. I totally freaked out and grabbed a towel to try and get them to separat themselves. When they did I grabbed a divider to put in between them. Before I could though they were back at it again. When they let go that time I was able to put the divider in the cage. DC went about his business after that but Patches kept trying to get to the other side. DC pretty much ignored him. The next day when I went into the room, I saw Patches jump over the divider. I grabbed him immediately so I don't know what he was about to do. I put a cover over the divider so they can't see each other. I don't know what to do now.
scary! don't blame you for freaking out - they are funny little critters, aren't they?! at this point i would think you need to separate them, perhaps permanently. make sure no one got injured in the fight. so, just for today, keep them separate and take some time to consider what to do next. you have lots of options for the future. for now, take a deep breathe and let everyone calm down.
I know I will have to make a permanent decision at some point but for right now I'm just taking it one day at a time. I just know that if I get too close to DC I won't be able to give him up so I have not forged that bond with him yet.
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