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New Piggy Mommy: So Many Questions! Feedback Welcome!!


Cavy Slave
Apr 12, 2012
Hi everyone!! I'm new to the wonderful world of Guinea Pigs and I have so many questions! I started off with two boys, Theo and Ralphie, but unfortunately Theo was not a nice boy and I had to give him back. Since there were no other males available, I ended up getting two females, Bella and Sophia. I just made them a C&C cage which was not easy. I'll post a picture (forgive all the mess) and I would love feedback. I don't have too much for them so if there is something I don't have that I need, or something I should change, please tell me. Also, I have a dog who loves watching them. She doesn't try to bite at them or anything and they seem to like her too. Sophia sticks her little nose up against my dogs (its so cute!) Is this bad?


Welcome to the forum! :) Your cage looks great! What are you using for bedding?

One thing I will say, you shouldn't give them more than one baby carrot a peice per day, and shouldn't be an EVERY day occourance. - The big carrot in the cage is too large for them, that's too much sugar for your piggies in one day.
Thanks! I'm not finished. Somehow my measurments were off and instead of a 2x4 it turned out to be a 2/3x4 haha. I'm using Carefresh bedding. I heard it was a good brand to use.

I'll make sure I take them out. My Mom came to my house while I was at work and she wanted to give them a treat. They haven't really paid much attention to them. However I will say that Bella loves to lay on them haha.
looks good. I would suggest using fleece and just make an area in cage a kitchen area for food and hay and you can use care fresh there. Fleece will making cleaning that cage alot easier.

My 3 lb chihuahua loves the pigs and they like her too. people would say it is bad as you never know what a dog will do. I think I know my dogs pretty well and they arent aloud near them unless I am right there.

look at the photos area on forum for lots of ideas from hay racks to cages. If your like all of us your cage set up and items in cage will change over and over and over again. You tube and ebay or esty have great ideas as well.
Hi and welcome. What kind of hay and pellets do you feed them?
Okay so the girlies have a nice C&C cage in the picture. Where does Ralphie live?

I'm looking at the cage and it's a little hard to tell, is there a lid or an opening? How do you get to the pigs?

I notice you have a bag of Kaytee food. As an FYI: Kaytee is a pretty low quality brand. Kleenmamas has very high quality hay and pellets with Oxbow coming in a close second. I would ditch the Kaytee. I can't quite tell but are the pellets a mix? With little colorful bits in there? Guinea pigs need plain pellets and only 1/8 of a cup per pig daily.

Kleenmamas: (broken link removed)

Oxbow: Oxbow Animal Health | Home
I'm just going to reply to everyone in one message.

I watched Piggypigpigs YouTube videos and she said she preferred bedding so i went with bedding. I want to add a second level/loft for the kitchen but I'm not sure how.

The girls are eating a fiesta blend. I looked for the better brands but my local pet store doesnt carry them. I want them to have the best food. Also Ralphie went back with theo. I made sure they werent together in the same cage anymore. I would have kept him but I didnt want him to be lonely and secluded.

Right now I have the 3 grids on the right clipped so i can take them off. I need some help with door/lid making, especially because of my dog.

Also, if anyone can help with bases. I really need something to hold it up about 2 feet.
For my second level, I used 5 grids and zip ties or bread ties to make a "shelf" for the coroplast kitchen. First you secure 2 grids side by side, and then secure them on both ends and in the middle with grids to make legs. Next you attach the whole thing to the end of the cage, and make a coroplast bottom with high sides. Then you cut a place for the ramp, and secure grids around the back and open side so the piggies don't fall out. [GuineaPigCages.com] New Piggy Mommy: So Many Questions! Feedback Welcome!!
welcome and so glad you're posting with questions. we're all eager to hear about you and your pigs, and happy to share our own experiences and ideas - and believe me, there are tons of them here!! the one thing i have discovered from my own experiences with my 4 boys is that they each have such unique and changeable personalities - much like us humans! some days all is well, and some days they're picking at each other and being pesky picky critters. i say that because sometimes even the best of matched pigs can have days when they don't get along, and you just have to ride it out. if the pigs you have now ever have one or more of those days, and they're driving you crazy, post here and we'll help you deal with their squabbling. we'd love to help and support you in keeping and enjoying the pigs you have now. good luck!
Thanks for posting a picture! Your cage is aweso
me. I think im going to buy more coroplast and start over. I really need a base. Any suggestions?
If anything happens I'll be sure to ask. I'm going to post pictures of my little ladies whenever I can get them to sit still. They are sisters and look so much alike sometimes I get them confused haha.
I watched Piggypigpigs YouTube videos and she said she preferred bedding so i went with bedding. I want to add a second level/loft for the kitchen but I'm not sure how.

Piggypigpigs started with loose bedding but switched to fleece. But loose or fleece, they are both bedding. Both have benefits and fallbacks but either is fine. The only one(s) to avoid are non-kiln-dried pine and cedar.

The girls are eating a fiesta blend. I looked for the better brands but my local pet store doesnt carry them. I want them to have the best food.

Yeah, any kind of "blend" isn't good. Pigs tend to pick out the colorful bits rather than eat the main part they are supposed to eat - the pellets. It's like kids picking the marshmallows out of cereal and leaving the cereal.

The store selling it isn't necessarily the benchmark of a good quality food. They sell a lot of things marketed for guinea pigs that aren't good for them (yogurt treats, honey sticks, pellet mixes, harnesses, etc).

Check out the links for KMs and for Oxbow. Both are high quality products. Avoid Kaytee. If nothing else, pick a bag of plain pellets rather than the mix.
For your base, contact a local sign shop for a sheet of coroplast. Coroplast is corrugated plastic, much like corrugated cardboard. It comes in many colors, and it can be rolled or folded to fit inyour car. The sides are typically 6 inches, but if your pigs are messy, you can make them as high as you want. You measure the floor area of your cage, then score (just cut through the top layer, not all the way through) the coroplast so it folds nicely. Bend the sides up, and secure with duct tape or binder clips. That is all you should need for a base. It's waterproof, and will protect your floor or table from piggy messes. Fleece is expensive to start with, but since it's washable, it's cheaper in the long run. Under the fleece you can layer Uhaul moving pads made from recycled denim, towels, or a crib mattress pad. This bottom layer absorbs urine, so the fleece stays dry and protects your piggies feet. Use the search box in the upper right hand corner of the page to search for threads on fleece. Have fun with your piggies!
As far as food and hay go with Oxbow or KMS, there are some other ones out there but I forget the names. Oxbow hay and KMS can be found online but Oxbow you have to find a "dealer" through them Oxbow Animal Health | Home , KMS is direct from their site (broken link removed) .
Welcome! Isn't this a great site? Looks like you're getting lots of good information. I was clueless about things like food with bits in it being bad and carrots needing to be limited, but thankfully for my piggies I've studied up here and learned so much about the dos and don'ts.

Looks like you've got a great start on your cage. The added kitchen sounds like a great idea. I use Carefresh too; I might eventually go to fleece, but I find that white Carefresh makes daily spot cleaning easy. I have newspaper under it that I replace in the soiled spots daily.

Please post some pigtures of the girls. Would love to see them close up!
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