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Aggression New piggiy still attacking my original one.


Cavy Slave
Mar 18, 2012
Originally I got my 1st guinea pig several months back when someone was giving it away, for my son who's been begging for one. Since then I've learned it's a bad idea to buy one for a 4 year old. He's pretty much become mine now and I love him and am ok with that. So I've been researching, got him an appropriate size cage, better food and other stuff and saw that I should get him a friend because they are social creatures. I found 2 local males almost 2 weeks ago that are also around 1 year old that have been together for 6+ months that I know of with no problems between them.

I researched on how to introduce them, but didn't see how long I should wait. I left them apart for a couple of nights with their cages right next to each other so they could sniff each other out. I noticed that one of the piggies I got kept dominating the other one in his cage by humping him. The one (Bob) who kept humping the other one (George) is the smallest of the 3 which I thought was kind of funny like he has little man syndrome. I took them out, did the whole neutral ground thing and Bob kept chasing our original one (Henry) around, teeth chattering, humping, rumbling, attacking. Maybe I misread or read the wrong info, but they started to calm down some so I put the cages together and let all 3 be together.

Since then it's been hard for me to watch because Bob will attack both, but mostly Henry. Henry just cries and runs away and wants nothing to do with Bob or George and he is straight up terrified. It's been almost 2 weeks and still Bob attacks him and chases him around. I read that unless there is bloodshed you shouldn't intervene. I haven't seen any, but I've found lots of scabs on Henry's body and I'm worried this isn't going to work out. I feel bad getting rid of these piggies, but I had Henry first and I feel so bad for him.

Is this normal? If it is I don't think I'm the kind of person who should own a Guinea Pig. I understand dominance, but to me it feels like it's past that to bullying. It's to the point where I don't even really care for Bob, who is really sweet to me and the kids, but just mean to Henry. My husband thinks the answer is to treat them like 2 dogs who are fighting, but I don't think so.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
Some guinea pigs just end up never getting along. There are some who met each other, and are best friends forever, however there are some who just want to fight to the death. It all depends on the personalitys of the pigs. Just like with humans, how there are some people who never get along, and some who get along great. I'm not sure if it would be best to separate them or not, since it's hard to understand how bad it is over the internet, but I would say if you are really finding scabs on him that are from constant fighting, I would say you should most likely separate them.
Have you tried bathing them together and then changing out all the cage bedding? My two boys had a hard start together too and I housed them in the same cage with a divider until they stopped teeth chattering and going at each other. They do pretty ok now but still have times when they are pissy at each other and do a bit of chattering. Mine don't actually bite each other though. Some just don't do well with other pigs either. You could always build (or expand) their cage and do a permanent divider so they are split up and can't hurt each other but can still socialize between them if they choose.
Did you read Guinea Pigs Social Life? The introductions section is about halfway down.

How large is your cage? And did you put them into a thoroughly cleaned cage that had no scent of any of the pigs?

You're trying to put three males in full-blown hormone overload together, which definitely lessens your chance for success. But there are some things that can tip the balance in your favor. Read that article above and then post if you've got questions.
I read that before I even got them, not to sound rude, but I work google and was reading everything I could. I even read it right before I introduced them and thats where I got the bathing tips and the recommendation it could take up to 3 weeks. I have 2 of those Midwest cages, about 8 square feet each and they are connected to run together. 1 was brand new and the other one came with the other 2 piggies. I cleaned it and used tge towels and fleece instead of the chips she just threw on floor, which btw were pine geez.

I just changed the bedding to clean towels and fleece tonight when I cleaned their cage and bathed and dried them together. They were all gathering up together in the corner of the tub and were fine when I dried them together and held them together in a towel after. I just put them back in the cages and bob still was chasing Henry so we'll see. I have a divider. I know making the C&C cages are best and I plan on it in the future.
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