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New piggies are fun

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Thanks Piglet, I just hope it gets through to him.I hope your dream goes well, Angelscavies! It sounds wonderful. Have you looked for an akita/schnauzer rescue around your home? Many breeds have specialized rescues for them.
never thought of that. But whats wrong with a mixed breed too. I think that mixed breed are cuter too. doc, thank you.
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I agree, but if your father needs an akita or schnauzer, than he could try those. You might also want to mention that mixed breeds have less chance of diseases because the disease prevalent in one breed, say a dalmation's blindness, could be a recessive gene to one in a lab, so if you bred a dalmation and lab the blind gene would be negated by the lab's genes. Where if you bred two dalmations there would be more of a chance of blindness. It's hard to explain, but I hope you got it.
I get what you are saying. Its like breeding a dal piggie to a dal piggie you could get a blind piggie. There was a storey about that in one of these threads.
Good, just try it on him and drop the line "You won't have to go to the vet as much" somewhere in there. I'm pretty sure vet bills are a concern.
Guys, you don't need to have cavies for five or ten years to have experience,because I know much about them and believe me more than you guys,PERIOD! Doc, you might not have experience, better start spending more time with those piggies because that's how you learn about them, not from books or sites but experience with them your self and guys think about it, sows obviously enjoy the birth of there babies, you can tell by the way she nurses them,cares for them and everything else she does for them,if she didn't she'd just ignore them by not feeding and caring for them and just let them die!.If we've got an over populated world of cavies thats not because breeders,its because people thought they could care for these animals and thought wrong,so they thought cavies could just live in a cage and nothing else needs to be done with these easy pets to have.It's the people who purchase these pets thinking they're are easy to care for and don't need any attention who find out that's wrong and just give them to a shelter where they think they'll be cared for,well this is another thing that's not true.I went to my local animal shelter a while back to see if they had cavies and they did,they didn't even know if they were pregnant so I looked at them and held them and it was very obvious to tell that they were pregnant,I mean if they're going to have a shelter for unwanted animals you'd think they'd be able to know about them and give them the right care and even worse they had them housed on wired floor cages with CEDAR!Come on, this is pathetic, they might as well let peoples guinea pigs die in a better way by letting them take them to the vet and letting them be put to sleep.Cavyspirit, here's what you said.LEAVE religion OUT of it, or that's it. It's what, the end of this thread,fine with me,it'll finally stop your guys stupid arguing.You dare tell me to stop talking about our creater above,I'll never stop talking about him,NEVER!!!!PERIOD!!!!!! Doc, your're wondering how the earth is here,just read the first book in the Bible called genesis and you'll find the answer,you know the the first book in the Bible where God created the universe,animal and man and then gave man woman.The universe and everything else was created by God, PERIOD!!!!He already destoyed it once by flooding the whole world, because people in the world were acting like many of you are right now and the earth just needed to be redone.He only spared the life of one man and his family because he believed in him and trusted him.God told this man everything that was going to happen to the world and all it's creatures and gave him instructions to build an ark for him and his family and to place two animals of every kind on his ark.When the rain was nearing its end and the water started to lower the man sent a dove out to let him know if any land was in site,the dove returned meaning no land was in site.The man sent the dove out a second time to see if any land was visible,this time the dove returned with a leaf,meaning the rain and flood was nearing it's end.The man sent the dove out a third time,this time the dove did not return meaning the world was ready to be lived in again by people and the animals.God then Put a rainbow in the sky to let us know he'd never do this to the earth again,so everytime we see a rainbow in the sky it's Gods promise that'll never happen again. Everyone, the universe was created by God,we didn't evolve or anything that's just stupidity,next you'll be saying we came from apes,talk about stupidness,the universe,us and every other living creature in this world was created by GOD.Guys, God will return one day and you all must be ready for that day and if you've got God in your life when this day arrives then you'll be with him forever and ever in a very wonderful place,but if not, than you'll be in a very very very horrible place,where you'll be in burning forever and your body will be in much pain,so please accept our wonderful creater into your lives and know your second life will be spent in a very wonderful place with our very wonderful God.
I know what the bible tells me too. I am a Christain my self too. I know what you are saying but Im just gonna keep my mouth shut so I dont get banded but yes I agree with you too but breeding is one and neglect is the other too. I jsut dont like to argue its all.
doc I am gonna try again with my dad when I see him.
The sows have a natural instinct to take care of their children, it's been programmed into their genes. Often times animals do push away their young. It doesn't say whether or not they enjoyed having pups, it's whether or not the animals think the pups might live. Runts are often not fed and need special care because the animal thinks that it won't live. I'm sorry to say this but animals don't think as deeply as humans. Yes, they have feelings and I care for them very deeply, but in the wild there are certain circumstances that stayed with them. And maybe you'l have to learn from your mistakes when one of your favorite pigs dies from pregnancy toxemia. "You don't learn from books or sites" WRONG. I have learned so much from this site and GL, it's invaluable. I would rather learn from this than from my own mistakes because, guess what, I did once. I neglected in giving my pigs the right veggies and enough vitamin C and one of them died from Scurvy. I wanted to kill myself because of it. I couldn't sleep for weeks because I would simply sob. I would rather learn the way that won't endanger my pigs, thanks much.

And also, you act like you're the only Christian out there, and I hate to have to retaliate with religion, and please forgive me cavyspirit, but SERIOUSLY! I too am a Christian. Noah brought two animals, one of each sex, because they would be the only ones left. You're making a fool of yourself thinking that we would go to hell because we choose not to put our pigs in danger. You are using God as a shield, sir. Every thing we say you retaliate with some story from the bible that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the topic. You should learn to respect the idea that some people do NOT believe in the Christian God. I have several friends of different minorities, religions, races, you name it, and I do not preach them about how they live. And I can't believe that you would actually step FOOT in a shelter when you support breeding. You don't feel guilty when those big eyes look up at you? You support the process that made it so hard for them to find a home. Those guinea pigs live in hell because people like you made it that way. Face it, if anyone is the bad guy in this situation, it would be you. I never try to start arguments on this board, but currently, you are being a complete moron.
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And please don't ban me for the above post, I just said what I felt was needed.
I dont want to see you banned either doc and neither do I want to get banned thats why I kept my mouth shut. But omg wow you really let it out though doc. I was brought up in a catholic house hold until I got married. My husband and his family are Christians and so is my parents. but no more religen. I dont want to get banned. I love this site. Sorry Thresa but dont bann me or doc.
I am sorry if anything in that post was uncalled for, but after everything we said it's just infuriating that he retaliates with passages from the bible and he thinks that's good enough. Well I'm sorry, but it isn't! You are endangering a guinea pigs life by breeding, and it's incredibly unneseccary, too.
Yeah I know what you are saying too. My husband dont like the idea of breeding and God didnt say breed everyday and he didnt say kill all. so enough about religen. I dont want any more animals in a shelter and too many are.
Yes, I agree. No more r*. This site is too informative to lose my membership here, and I would hate it if I did. And just in case, I might as well suck up and say, wow this site is awesome, Theresa!

Lock the thread please. Guinea Pig Guy, the bible thumping, Guinea pig abusing, Dense troll that he is can't stop with the religious rubbish.

If the thread isn't locked I will end up following my inclination to "educate" him on his own religion (something I am very good at, but it tends to upset Christians). Innocent people will get VERY upset with me.

I'm trying hard to hold my tongue, but it's getting hard. Save everyone from me and lock it down.

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