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New piggies are fun

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Cool! Glad to hear it. Did you adopt?
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I totally disagree.

"I like to get them from pet shops that breed their own."

Are you implying that getting one from a pet shop, who, in turn, gets theirs from a breeder that is just concerned about money is better than saving some cavies' lives that really need a home?

"I don't know how old those are, they might die right when I adopt them,and they might have been treated real bad."

Why would the die right when you adopt them? Many at the shelters are just pups. They may have been treated badly, but is that justification for you to just forget about them?

"The owners that left them there must not have cared for them or loved them that much, or they wouldn't have left them there."

Some just dump, correct. However, they did care enough to bring them to the shelter in order for their pets to seek out better lives, rather than simply selling them. Also on the contrary, some owners are moving, have allergies, etc. and care very much about their pets, but they just cannot keep them.

I don't see how buying from a store is justified at all.
How is it the animals' fault if they are left behind? It says more about their idiot owners than them. The owners usually want to get a dog or are moving, or the kids got bored pr they accidentally got a breeding pair. Many times it is a backyard breeder. There are many young guinea pigs in rescues and shelters.

Your 'breeder' pigs could drop dead tomorrow too. There are no guarantees. Do you have the parents' history? Genetic map?

I have 4 rescued piggies and rabbits. They are all healthy and adjusted.
woah, are you seroius. I thought you were being sarcastic, and I hope you are
I have been sitting her trying to come up with a nice way of saying what I want to say, and I can't. So all I am going to add to this topic is.....

Guinea pig guy said:
No, I like to get them from shops that breed their own.by doing this I'm able to get young ones and raise them from a young age.I think this is much better than getting them from local newspapers or shelters. I don't know how old those are, they might die right when I adopt them,and they might have been treated real bad.The owners that left them there must not have cared for them or loved them that much, or they wouldn't have left them there.
Do you have any evidence that these pet stores really do breed their own? Or do you just take their word for it? Don't listen to the propaganda... the employees might be on commission, or have a quota to meet, and hence they'll say anything to make a sale.

There is no stigma with 'adopted' pigs... seriously, unless you're a guinea pig and you're actually giving birth to these baby pigs yourself they're adopted. Every pet is 'adopted', like it or not.

Questioning the status quo is OK, but at least get the facts straight, don't make an argument that hinges on mistruths.
Yes, shelter pigs may have been treated bad but thats not their fault. You can be the one to care for them and give them a good life. I can't believe you said that. Pigs from petstores are probably more likely to die, they don't even get looked after porperly.
Ignorance really makes me mad. I have many animals all of which are rescued from animal control and/or rescues and they are all beautiful wonderful animals who happened to get stuck with idiots as owners the first time around. I would trust a rescue over a pet store any day they are there for the welfare of the animal and are there for support and advice after the adoption. They are not simply in the animal business for the almighty dollar.
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I am smelling another troll.

Guinea pig guy has been shown the links and still does not get it. He sure has been given a lot of access to this store that they would show him the breeder pigs. (yeah right) Doesn't it make you sick to think that the only reason these so called breeder pigs exist is to produce babies. That is sick. If they breed their own, and you don't buy them, then they won't be a need to breed them any more. Your story doesn't hold water.

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guinea pig guy i agree with you too
but i agree with the peopla all for adoptees
cant we all just get along
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guinea pig guy, did you catch any of what dacourt said?
sorry, looks like i was seconds late. ignore me!
All of you -everyone is entitled to their feelings. Tryiing to educate someone is wonderful but do you have to make people feel either stupid or just bad by giving them you opinions? You make it sound like us people that have gotten out pigs from petstores are ignorant and uncaring. Voice your opinions, but can't you do it in a nice way and if someone doesn't agree then so be it. You are not the guinea pig police.
I knew it was only a matter of time before dagwellismypigy found his way over. But, he just contradicted himself by saying he could see both sides. Because on his post...he is going to buy from a pet store too, even though we have given him a link to over 60 pigs in close proximity to him in need of homes from a rescue.

News flash...EVERY time a pig gives birth it is a risk.
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