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Nov 10, 2011
So, last week I had gotten off work at Pizza Hut and walked over to Jacks the pet store to pick up food for my two pigs, Riley and Nibbler. I walked in and the first thing that I saw was a small little pet store cage. I walked up to it to check it out, (I like looking at the animals they have, even tho half the time it breaks me hart.) inside was a adult male Guinea pig. His ears ripped to shreds by being kept with other pigs, probably in a small cage. His nails so over grown that they where touching the pads on his feet. I opened the cage door to see if he would let me pet him and as I suspected he ran with fear.. the white in his eyes showing. I let him be not wanting to stress him out to bad. I walked and got the food and left.

That night as I was holding my beautiful little girl, Nibbler, my thoughts kept travailing back to that poor little pig. Nibblers ears were perfect not a nick in them, her nails where trimmed and neat. She did not fear me, I though as she nuzzled my chin gently. I put nibbler back and went to bed. I dreamed of the pet store pig that night, in a small cage, all alone.

The next day at work when I got off, I fought the erg to go over there and see him again because I knew I'd walk out with him. There was so much to conciser like the fact that he was a boy and my other two are females and the cost of a third pig. Although not a lot I still wasn't sour I was ready for a third. I put the pet store pig in the back of my mind.

Last night I dreamed of him again.. this time he had died. When I woke up I couldn't shake him from my mind, now matter how hard I tried. I told my mom about him and she told me if it bothered me that much I should do something about it. I got in the car and drove, my hart racing and my hands shaking, all I could think about was this little poor pig. too small to defend himself. Never loved.. dumped at a pet store.. to be re homed to another uneducated child, possible die there, or end up where his life began, at a pet store, all over again. I reached my destination. Jacks Aquarium, Fish & Pets. As I was walking up to the Pet store I had to resist the erg to run. What if he wasn't there? and i was to late. I opened the door and there he was.. in the same little cage. I opened it up, I scoped him up, I walked to the counter.. and purchased for the first time in my life, A guinea pig. I can no longer say I have only adopted.. in my mind it is a small price to pay for such a big burden to be lifted off my hart.

I know need to know some thing's, first off, nudering! how much on average does this cost? and stuff I need to know about nudering a Guinea pig is helpful to. After i get him nuderd I want to put him with my girls.. so stuff on introducing a third would be helpful.

P.S he doesn't have a name yet, and yes i know its wrong to buy from a pet store.
Neutering varies by vet. You can call around and get quotes from local vets but make sure to ask if they have performed the procedure on a guinea pig before, how many times and what the outcomes were. It's important to get someone who has experience with this type of situation.
here is the site most people go to find out the info your looking for. i always keep it book marked. I hope this helps and congrats on your new piggie. Keep us posted on how he does.
fyi... I think you did the right thing.

I know now that it's wrong to buy guinea pigs, but I also know how you feel. We recently went back to the place we bought Mufasa because it's the only place to get my cats' favorite sisal post/basket. Even though Mufasa has barely been here two weeks, I've learned so much in that time. I was saddened that there were only a few wisps of hay to supplement the pellets and the only enrichment was a pigloo. The pigs are low enough so you can freely handle them, and all of them were terrified. It made me think of how Mufasa won the equivalent of the guinea pig lottery compared to them; he was with them once, and now he's got a much larger home, toys, play and lap time, and plenty of nutritious food. As wrong as I know it was to buy him, now that I'm attached to him, it breaks my heart to imagine him with some other uneducated owner.

In your post, did you mean he had already been dumped back at the pet store by one owner, or were you afraid it was going to happen? If he was dumped, it seems a little different than buying one that went direct from supplier to store.
yeah we was dumped... he was a fully growm adult male. most pet store only cary young pigs.
Poor baby! So in a way it was a rescue, even though the pet store got to profit again. Who knows what would have happened to him otherwise, since people always want the cute babies. At least he has a good home now : )
yeah, i asked for the manager because there the only ones who can authorize price cages and we wasn't there.. other wise i knew i could have talked them down on the price.. seeing as they prob already sold him once
Yes, you should not have paid for him at all.

We do not advocate buying guinea pigs from pet stores.
i know that, my two i have are from a shelter and the one befor that was too.
I know it's hard. You see a pig stuffed into a small space, with those pleading eyes. It's hard to say no. By rescuing him, you funded a system that creates pigs that end up in his predicament in the first place. I think it would have been better to wait for the manager to come in, or left your number with their store so you could dismiss the fee.
im not being mean, but no one needs to tell me how the system works. i know purchasing him was wrong. hint why i did not buy Him when i first saw him, or why i had to think about it for a week.

the pig is in a much better place weather i payed 0 for him or 15 for him. that's all i really care about.


hes calmed down quit a bit and i trimmed his nails down to a reasonable size but I'm noticing dandruff and was wondering how id get ride of that.
The dandruff you are noticing may actually be mites. Everything I have read suggests that when you see dandruff, it's actually probably mites or some other kind of pest or infection.
Check the guinea lynx website for more info
I don't know why people who know better, and know what reception they will get here, talk about getting a pig at a pet store. Why not just keep quiet about it? It would be different if you were new, and didn't realize that there were such things as guinea pig rescues. Most of us have been in that position before.
I don't know why people who know better, and know what reception they will get here, talk about getting a pig at a pet store. Why not just keep quiet about it? It would be different if you were new, and didn't realize that there were such things as guinea pig rescues. Most of us have been in that position before.
With all due respect, we all know this is a rescue-oriented forum, and nibbler100 is clearly abundantly familiar with this. But would it really have been better to leave that pig to die what would have likely been a slow and painful death at the store than to save it? Is maintaining the principle of boycotting pet stores really worth leaving a pig to wither and die when it can be saved?
But would it really have been better to leave that pig to die what would have likely been a slow and painful death

Why would you think it would die a slow painful death? How do you know they wouldn't have taken it to a rescue? I often get calls from pet stores that have guinea pigs dumped there.

It's rather dramatic to say the pig would "wither and die". Often people who do something wrong like to rationalize it--make it sound like something dire would have happened if they hadn't acted that way.

If she was going to spend money on a pig, how about paying an adoption fee to a rescue or shelter, where the money goes to help unwanted animals?

Since nibbler is "clearly abundantly familiar" with the fact that this is a rescue oriented board, then it's doubly a slap in our faces to come here and state that she got the pig from a pet store, and expect everyone to pat her on the back.
Fair enough, but there's no guarantee that it would be given to a rescue. The pig was still there after the few days of nibbler going back and forth. And I would certainly not call saving a pig in such poor shape from a store "doing something wrong", regardless of the fact that a pet store technically gets money out of it.
I see this as a gray area. It's bad because the pet shop got money out of it, which could make them think, "Yeah, let's keep any other dumped pigs isolated in a small cage so someone will feel sorry for them and buy them, even though they're adults,"" which encourages more of this in the future. But I also wonder if a store that seems so uncaring as to not keep the piggy properly would also dump him at a kill shelter if he didn't sell. I've known pet stores that did that with cats once they passed the cute kitten stage.

It's possible the store would have given him to a reputable rescue, but who really knows. Having read all this, if I'm ever in a similar situation and am still looking for a companion for Mufasa, here's what I would do. I'd leave my name and number with the store and say, "I see you have a returned guinea pig. I know people don't like to buy adults, so if you can't sell him, please call me and I will take him so you don't have to bring him to a rescue." It's hard to just walk out, leaving things to fate, when you know a piggy is in distress, but I suspect many stores would end up just giving the pig to me so they don't have to bother with an unwanted adult.
Yes, buying from a pet store when you know it is wrong is wrong. And yes, we don't want people reading this thread thinking it's okay etc. etc. However, w/ all due respect, what's done is done. I think we need to take that into consideration, and get back to the topic. To the OP: Congrats on the new pig, I hope everything goes well. :)
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