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new piggie!


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Nov 14, 2004
IM GETTING MY NEW PIGGIE TODAY OR TOMMOROW YAYYYAAYYYAAY! I got the people at the pet store to lower the price considerably by like 15 dollars when I told them everything wrong with their environment.I know you guys dont agreee with the petstore. But IM GETTING MY NEW PIGGIE SOON!!!

(please please pleasseee dont fight about the petstore!)

Im naming him Atticus from To Kill A Mockingbird. Hes dark brown with a white strip across his shoulders. He's the first piggy ive gotten that doesnt have a stripe down his nose.He's got fur that makes him look like a cottonball. OOOOOO im sooo excited. ill see if i can get some pigtureS my digital camera isnt the best... YAY ATTICUS!
i cant stop smiling :DDDDD
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They don't make money from selling animals. They're loss leaders in the pet industry. They make money off the too small cages that sell for 50 plus dollars and cost like 5 dollars in materials to make, bedding, pellets, toys and those running balls that are bade for guinea pigs, etc.
congrats, dont feel bad about getting a pig from the pet store because i know its bad but thats where i got both of my pigs from after watching them throughly to make sure that they didnt have mites or anything. They were purfectly healthy. Be sure to ask them what they feed them so you know what they are used to.
they only have alfalfa food there so i think they piggie is pretty young im gonna ask more questions about him when i go back to bring him home. hes gonna be in a petstore cage temporarily for quarintining. he was twenty dollars im gettin him for 5 they figured 15 was the cost of a vet check up or something whatever YAY thanks
For quarintining is it ok for them to have a short floor time togetheror should they never be together until its over? Also how long would you reccomend like a week a few days, a month?
3 weeks for quarantine minimum.
Get him checked for mites and infection with a trustworthy vet before letting your other pigs near him. These are almost a given for pigs coming out of that environment. These things are contagious -- do not put them together before that. Wash your hands after touching one, otherwise you can pass mites on to the others. The food and everything else you need to know is on the site.
ok thank a bunch HES HEEERRREEE!!! and cute as heck! and really calm for a brand new piggie!
and really calm for a brand new piggie!
Please have him checked out by a vet as soon as possible.

They don't make money from selling animals.
They make about a $10- $25 profit for each cavy they sell. They buy cavies from mills and BYB for about $2- $5. So yes, they do make money selling pets.
Why should I have him checked out for being calm? Not that im not thinking of it just why is that bad? He's warming up a little bit now too he runs all round his cage hes sweet.
dagwellismypigy said:
Why should I have him checked out for being calm? Not that im not thinking of it just why is that bad? He's warming up a little bit now too he runs all round his cage hes sweet.
A "calm" cavy from a pet store could mean many things. It could mean you have a sick pig, or just a cavy thats used to being around humans pig. The first sign of a sick cavy is one that's not very active. You should also take him to the vet to have him treated for mites and lice before introducing him to dagwell.
He was calm at first now he runs around his cage.
I'd get a check up with the vet too. Even if he turns out fine, at least he'll have a file opened for him. There's nothing wrong with starting a medical history (incase any serious problems do turn up later.)
Dagwell needs to go to the vet anyway but at the moment we're searching for a new vet for exotic animals.
How old is should atticus be before i take him off of the alfalfa food? He's about 7 weeks old.
You have a while left to go before switching to Cavy Cuisine. What kind of food does he have right now? He should have Cavy Performance, as it's (hands-down) the best food for cavies out there.
I dont have either at the moment. He has Lm Animal farms bonanza. I know I'm bad it's all mix-y but my mom wont buy new food til this is gone(ive been dumpin some in the trash so it goes faster). Its really bad it has wheat middlings, whole corn, dehulled soybean meal, and dehydrated alfalfa meal as the maiin ingredients.I try to take the bad stuff out but its a bit hard. I know dagwell shouldnt have it eiter cause of the alfalfa and atticus shouldnt cause its a mix. Im trying to get the food from the petstore where i bought atticus to get some oxbow so i dont have to pay the shipping. So im workin on it.
Ok, sounds good! Hope you can get that food soon.
I have a question about his paws or feet whatever you want to call them, they seem very cold, is it because the house is cold or he's cold?
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