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New piggie owner with a question...


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Apr 25, 2006
This is my first time to this site, though I didn't find this site before when I was info hunting online... So I know a bit. But now I've got Calydon and Pumbaa, so I thought I'd go info hunting again and found this site. :) Cal is a smooth haired grey ticked black boar and Pumbaa is a white and brown curly furred boar.
Now, I know quite a bit animal information already, and have two ferrets(My brother's), a gerbil, two parakeets and a cat, not to mention all the pets I deal with at the vet clinic(I'm a Kennel Worker ^^). And I know that sometimes males will mount eachother in order to show dominance.... but, here is my question;
When I adopted these two I was told they had been living together for a year before hand, and that it was better not to seperate them... So I got them both. But, I got them home and put them in their cage... and now Pumbaa is constantly attempting to mount Calydon, much to Caly's frustration. Is he eventually going to calm down, or is this gonna be a problem, and have to seperate them? I would've thought that they wouldn't be having a power struggle since they lived with eachother, but they seemingly are now? Someone help? My knowledge on Piggies are a little new...

- Caly and Pum.


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Sep 26, 2005
Welcome to the board! It looks like you posted your question right before the server went down, rotten luck, but everything should be running much better from now on! yay. Anyway, welcome to the world of pigs.

I would think, that if they where believed to be a bonded pair before who got along well, that after they get used to their new surroundings, they will again. Mounting is very common, even between males (if you are absolutely sure they are males??) however a move may spur a fresh "you need to remember I am in charge" from the more dominant pig. I would let them work it out on their own, I doubt separating them will be necessary.

What sort of cage do you have them in? Smaller cages can however exacerbate this sort of behaviour, basically, if you had to live out the rest of your days with someone in a bathroom, you would want to be the person making all the decisions right? As if the other person does things you don't like, you can't get away from them.

I would recommend a trip to www.cavyspirit.com and visit the pages on socialization

www.guinealynx.info (for the care guide primarily, although the whole site and forum are excellent, and the medical information cannot be beat!)

And please visit the common misconceptions thread posted in Cavy Chat, it has tons of great info too!


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Dec 5, 2004
They are just re-establishing dominance in their new home. Unless there is major bloodshed, do not separate. Things will calm down once dominance is re-established. What size cage do you have these boys in?