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New Piggie Mommy


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Apr 28, 2012
Hi everyone! I am a new owner. I purchased my first little girl (Lucy) on Monday and yesterday, after all my research went and bought another. She is four weeks old and we call her Patches. I love them to pieces but I am a little concerned. I am not sure if Lucy likes her new friend. I know they need more space and as of now all I am missing is coroplast. Any way any advice would be great!!:)
Welcome to the forum. I'm another Texan (central). Why do you think Lucy doesn't like Patches? If you just introduced Patches yesterday, they might just need some time to get adjusted. We'd love to see pics (or pigtures as we call them here) of your little girls if you have some. Have you found a source for coroplast?
You can use a shower curtain liner or a vinyl tablecloth until you get coroplast. Have you checked local sign shops? If you tell them what it's for, sometimes they can sell you a sheet quite cheaply.
As far as getting along, they are both probably so scared right now, that they just need more time to settle in. You wouldn't have any doubt if they weren't getting along, and no one makes friends that fast, LOL.
Thanks for the advice. I never thought of a shower curtain. great idea!
I enjoy spending lap time with them after everyone else has gone to bed. Tonight they were making so much noise! That means they are happy right? They seem to wheek more when I am petting them. and I kinda think they were talking to each other?! I also caught them sleeping together so I assume they are getting along. They still nip at eachother, but my fingers have been in the way of that and it doesn't hurt a bit. So I don't know. I just want them to be happy.
Tonight they seemed better and tomorrow I am going to take and post as many pictures as I can. Facebook will have the most cause i can go right from my phone. Anyway, I just want my girls to be happy. It is funny I have twin 4 yr olds and have been through it all with them, but having these two young piggies I feel like a new mom again. I can't have any more babies so these guys are going to be really spoiled!! I just need to know how to do that!! hehehe
I know what you mean mommyking :) i'm the mother of a 2 1/2 year old girl and as of yesterday two female piggies. I feel like a new mummy, of course it's a little easier with them but am already spoiling them with things and veggie treats. Congratulations on becoming a piggy mummy! May you have a lot of happy years together.
Oh, update!! Patches is now known as Lilly. So we have Lucy and Lilly. My daughter came up with the name and it just fit so perfectly! Thanks to everyone for their advice. And to galeadnise, I wish the same for you and your piggies.
I do have a question though, I am converting a tv cabinet into a double-decker paradise what is something I could cover the wood with that is not only safe for the girls but that is water proof?
Would shelf paper work?

And if the children become ill, should I quarantine the piggies?
I have seen the majority of people use vinyl flooring to cover the wood with those types of piggie houses. I would worry the moisture would peel up the shelf paper. There are very few illnesses that can spread between different animal species. You and your children will not give your pigs the common cold :)
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