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Not Eating New Piggie is not eating!


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Jan 10, 2012
Hi, so this is my first post but I have been reading the forum for about a year now. I got a new piggie on Saturday, he is about 5 weeks old. He was bought from a pet store by a friend of mine who had good intentions but didn't realize that while I was looking for a new piggie I wanted to adopt one from a shelter or rescure group. Anyway I put little nugget into his cage and gave him some basic things to get him started in his new home, a water bottle, pellets, Alfalfa and a pigloo. He went and hide in the pigloo. He was still hiding when I came up and gave him some lettuce, but I wasn't too worried because I felt he was just settling in. However when I checked on him in the morning the lettuce, pellets and water hadn't been touched. I took out the old stuff and added fresh, but he still didn't eat any of it. I am now getting really worried because he still hasn't eaten or drunken anything and it has been two days. I don't know if I should take him to the vet or try to force feed him something. Any help you guys could give me would be AMAZING!!
It could be that he just isnt comfortable yet. My boys didnt eat the first few days they were with us. I later found out that was because the people who had them previously had fed them the bad pellets with seeds and nuts and colored bits. They were used to that so wouldnt eat any of the oxbow pellets. What I did was put all of thier veggies in a food processor and squirted little amounts into thier mouths with a seringe. It didnt take long at all for them to realize itwas yummy and they started to eat on there own. I would try that and then if they still arent eating on thier own by the 3 day mark, call the vet and ask what his/her opinion would be. Best of luck, and I hope that he gets comfortable soon.
None of my pigs were big eaters when I first got them home. My first two (4 or 5 wks old), it would take them at least 24 hours to eat all of their pellets. They were treated for a URI, and after their meds were done, they would eat all of their pellets within a few hours. My third pig I got on Saturday, and she just hid in her hay for a while. The next evening she was happily eating her hay, pellets, veggies, etc.

Since your pig is a baby, you might have to teach him about veggies. After he starts eating his pellets, try shredding up the lettuce in small pieces and putting it on top of his pellets. The idea is that he'll get some of it while eating the pellets and realize it tastes good. You may have to offer it for a few days before he'll eat it, because pigs are suspicious of new things. After he's eating lettuce, gradually try other veggies in the same way.

Edit: I wanted to ask.. has he been eating his hay at least? As for water, he might be drinking but it might not be obvious as such a little pig isn't going to be drinking gallons of water. Same thing with the pellets. He might be nibbling 1 or 2. Also, is he pooping?
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Is his food under the pigloo or just outside or really far away? I'd place it right at the entrance, so he is able to hide while eating. (That's probably where you have it but I figured I'd mention it just in case)
Im glad you asked cause I have been worried about mine that I got on Sunday not eatting veggies. But let me tell you she just LOVES the KMS hay and pellets. I have never seen a pig eat so much hay. The lady I got her from was feeding horrible looking hay.
Is he a baby all by himself? If so, he's scared, sad, and wondering where the other guinea pigs are. Guinea pigs really need companionship of their own species. Do you have another pig you are going to introduce him to?

Baby pigs often need older pigs to "show them the ropes". If there was another pig with him, he'd most likely be eating by now. And pet stores and breeders don't usually feed a variety of veggies, if any at all, so he won't know what they are.
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