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New Pig Owner, Eager to Learn


Cavy Slave
Jun 11, 2012
Hi, I am PigsinWigs. I am a proud owner of 2 male piggies, that I purchased in March. I bought them after the death of our previous pet (it was several years old). Although I did research guinea pigs for a few days before heading out to the pet store I seemed to have missed quiet a lot of information.

The store handed me a cage form my new pets insisting that it was more then enough room for 2 growing pigs, even though I was skeptical:sick:. I have only learned of C&C cages two days ago. I plan on purchasing the supplies as soon as I can. My 8 year old is excited about building them a larger home with me. Which I hope is in the next few weeks :).
Awww welcome! You are so right about building a C&C cage and I love that your 8 yr old is getting involved in the process. :) Pet stores are sorely under educated about how much room is "enough" for pigs. They have products to sell and are often ignorant about what qualifies as "enough" space.

You are in the right place to learn so much about good guinea pig cage. The petstore cage can be used in the future to quarantine new pigs or to transport pigs to the vet. Some people even use it as an extension from the C&C cage. So all is not lost even with the petstore cage purchase.

So look around, ask questions. And we are piggy pic crazy around here so please post pics of your boys. :)
Welcome! I was in the same boat as you; purchased three piggies from a pet shop with a hutch.

I have learnt so much from this site. It is truly awesome :) Now I have the three piggies in a 24 feet square cage, and they are just so happy! As am I :)
Thank you for the link to the other site. I will be sure to check it out. Loving all the information I am finding. :D
Thank you for the link to the other site. I will be sure to check it out. Loving all the information I am finding. :D

Just so there's no confusion, both of those links are to information on this site. Unless you are referring to guinealynx which is, indeed, a different, though related, site.
Thank you so much for pointing out these threads to me:D! What a great chart! I wish there was some way to print it out. I think something like this would be great laminated and posted in the kitchen as a quick reference when preparing their breakfast and dinner.

The one thing I didn't listen to the pet store about is their diet. They told me not to feed them anything other then their pellets and hay. No fruits and veggies because they would get sick! I politely told the guy that I would make sure they were very well feed, knowing that they were not the most informed sources on guinea pigs. :sad:

Even though I purchased my pigs from a pet store instead of the recommended adoption I feel I made a good decision. I couldn't bare to think of them left in that awful store. All of our future pigs however will be adopted or rescued.:D
Yes I was referring to the link to guinealynx. I was replying to the post made by MissJean. I ddin't realize that when replying it doesn't show which post you are replying to. Or perhaps I am replying incorrectly? :confused:
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I saved my pet store cage and use the sides as a lid for my cage to keep other pets out while sleeping, just fasten with zip ties or clothespins. I too was duped by the pet store cage. When I put my girls in the C & C cage they were soooooooo happy!
Welcome to the forum. You've come to the right place to learn about proper care of your piggies.
Here are some pictures of my boys!
[GuineaPigCages.com] New Pig Owner, Eager to Learn
This is Perry.

[GuineaPigCages.com] New Pig Owner, Eager to Learn
This is Milo.
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I went out and bought all the supplies for my C&C cage today and put it together in 3 hours tonight. :D I am sooo proud of myself for being able to accomplish such a large task (at least for me) so quickly. My 8 year old was a big help, till it came time for the coroplast. :)
Your boys are handsome! Mine was SO happy when she went in her C&C cage! It's nice to see them enjoy it!
@jade_14 yes they are very funny to watch romp around their cage. They seem to be having a great time. :cheerful:
Oh, they are so plump and gorgeous!
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