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Sounds New Pig. No wheeking?


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Nov 29, 2011
My new rescued pig, Rodney, doesn't wheek. He shows no signs of illness besides the occasional sneeze, and even then, he doesn't have a runny nose or anything.
We are going to a vet next week for a check-up, just in case!

Rodney is about 2-3 months old at my guess. Some kid's grandma bought him as a Christmas present, the family stuck him in a dog crate with next to no food and water only in a bowl, and the food was...ugh. The equivalent of fruit loops for guinea pigs - Walmart's "Wild Harvest" brand. He has never had a veggie until he came home with me. He say at the water bottle the longest time, just guzzling water like he'd never see it again. He didn't have hay, either.

Now he's happy and alert and eating well. He is a tiny bit skittish, though. But I've never had a baby pig before, since I usually get older ones.

Do they grow into the wheeking or is he being shy?
I adopted a 3 month old with 2 year old. The older one always wheeked, whereas the baby never did. Only until about a week ago, did I notice a whistling attempt at wheeking from the baby, so I'm thinking that perhaps the baby didn't know how to do it or what it was about until he spent enough time around his new cagemate to learn. It's really cute seeing him do it now, because he seems to take a big breath and it doesn't come out as clear as a bell, as though he's just learned to do that big whistle that certain men can do by putting their fingers in their mouths! So my guess is that little ones learn how to do it from their elders. But this is just my experience.
I want to pair Rodney with another piggy when I have the money. I've only ever had single pigs.

Today he did the funniest thing. He crawled around the couch, poking at me and my boyfriend and kept exploring...and he's just so tiny, since I lost Gigabyte, little Rodney is amazing to me. Well, Rodney is at the age where they explore boundaries and nip ya. So he was doing that and became uninterested and decided to poop just outta nowhere, everywhere while we were watching him, and then he peeded when I picked him up...all over my boyfriend. I could not stop laughing. :D For some reason.
I was just hysterical. I put little Rodney in his cage and sat there laughing while I cleaned the couch. My boyfriend is still muttering about steam cleaning the couch and the laundry I gotta do now. Worth it.

I hope he doesn't do it again, though. He's just so teeny tiny that I can't get mad.
Babies are quicker than lightning and aren't old enough to realize that they are in bigger trouble trying to get away from you than being rescued by you. That, I've learned from experience! But they grow really fast; I've only had mine for a little over a month and he's grown a third in length and about an inch in width. He's losing a lot of his fuzzy baby fur and getting more coarse hair growing in. He's very confident but also very deferential to his older piggie friend. Here's to hoping you can get him an older cagemate who can teach him how to wheek and not pee on your boyfriend!
Hahaha. :D
Yeah, I hope so!
I'm worried about his weight, because I don't know how old he is, but he is a little thin. I'm not sure if he's too old for alfalfa...
He's not too old for alfalfa hay or an alfalfa based pellet, but maybe only for two months - according to my rescue person. If he's having a problem eating the right veggies, I'd seriously pair him with an older pig who will teach him by example. My older pig was named Porky by the rescue person for a reason - this pig eats everything! The bigger pig was also cleaner and taught that to junior. So yeah, you might want to dangle that solution in front of your boyfriend for the extra cash, too. :p
I am pairing him once I can afford any other pig. As it stands, now, Rodney has some issues switching foods. There's too much calcium in pellets for him already and it gives him white pee, so I have to put him on a limited calcium diet.
Our first girl was just a baby when we brought her home. It was several days to a week before I heard any noises from her. Now she whistles at any sound that might mean food. She also learned from her older friend (we adopted her a month after we got the baby) to make quite a fuss when she is being picked up...that is a new thing.
My Eddy Pig doesn't wheek. He never has. He makes a horse airy attempt at a wheek but no noise. He is also not a big squeaker though when he is happy he will make the chirpy exploring sound. Eddy Pig is just a non-squeaker as opposed to my baby pig, Buddy, who never shuts up. lol
Rodney wheeked really quietly last night and did the little purring noise when he heard noises he didn't know. :)
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