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Rabbits New owner! Rabbit diet?


Cavy Slave
Jun 14, 2012
Hey guys! So I'll be getting a new rabbit tomorrow and it'll most likely be under year. I've researched on taking caring of them but the only thing I'm confused about is their diet. I know that they need unlimited amounts of Timothy hay and water. And 1/4 cup of pellets per every 5ibs of their weight.

So some of the websites I've looked at says that they can eat all the pellets they want until they reach a year old? Is that true?

Also another website said your not supposed to feed rabbits fruits and vegetablesuntil they are 6 months old? Is that true?

So when feeding rabbits vegetables how much am I supposed to feed them?(be specific please) and also ik that fruits are only treats and should only be feed twice a week (just a tiny bit) but how much is a tiny bit?

It would be a lot of help if you guys would help me clear my mind if these questions were answered! Also it would be helpful if you could leave any websites you use that would help me with taking care of rabbits!

Thank you!
I have two bunnies that I feed Oxbow pellets- id definitley recommend them. I am not sure about the diet of younger rabbits as mine are about 1.5 years old, but you can look at these sites or do a google search under Young Rabbit Diet.

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Hope I helped!
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