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New & need help for outdoor cage idea!


Cavy Slave
Apr 3, 2012
We have 2 guinea pigs: a long-haired girl, about 4 years old named Theodora and a short-haired boy, around 1 year old named Sylvester. They are caged separately, since we don't want any accidents. We also have 3 ferrets, who are kept on a different floor of the house, but when they are brought near the guinea pigs, they have never shown anything but just a little curiosity. They've never been left alone together & never will. We would like to construct an outdoor cage for our pigs since the weather is breaking, so they would have more room to run. My son purchased untreated Cypress Mulch for the bedding...is this safe for them?
Hi Thanny,

Welcome to GPC. We do not recommend outdoor housing. Other than weather, they are also at risk from predators.

Please read the link below.

Please see recommended cage sizes and location here:
Guinea Pig Cages, Your Cavy At Home
Cage Location

Here's a safe list of bedding:

We also highly recommend fleece and uhaul pads.
The outdoor cage would only be used when we are outside as well, for small lenghts of time. I grew up with guinea pigs & know a good bit of info on them. I just can't find any info about Cypress mulch & if it's safe for them.... I will look up the info you provided. Thanks!!!
Cypress mulch is not kiln dried. The aromatic oils in wood that has not been kiln dried can cause kidney and liver damage so it's not safe.
Thank you so much! We've since learned that we can use it for our Russian tortoise! :)
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