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New Momma of three cute girls!


Cavy Slave
Jun 3, 2012
Hello!! I am a new piggie momma. My kids and I just adopted three piggies from our local animal shelter. Cuty,Snowy and Fudgy (names they came with lol) and they are soo cute. We have had them just one week and they are warming up to our family wonderfuly! I don't know much about them except they have always lived together and were placed at the shelter because their family moved. I built a C&C cage and today they are trying out their outside piggie run. They seem to love to be outside today while we're in the yard. This morning is the first time I've seen them "popcorn" lol. I was worried they weren't happy with us, but now that I've seen my girls act happy, i'm very releaved!

I've been reading lot on piggies but my only question is : they scratch occasionly but I have read they can have mites. How would I know for sure. I've also read different thoughts on baths. All three girls have short hair, so I wasn't sure if a bath is needed or how often if it should be done?

Just wanted to introduce my self and brag about my new piggie girls that I'm sooo in love with!
Welcome! If you suspect they have mites, it's best to just treat them for them. Skin scrapings are painful and often inconclusive and the treatment is safe, so that's what I would do. Even in you're in the yard with your guinea pigs, it's a good idea to have a cover of some sort on their run in case you have birds of prey in your area. They can swiftly swoop down and grab one..... I'm know that everyone would love to see photos of your new girls!
Welcome to the forum!! I have no clue about the mites... Your new fur babies shouldn't need a bath unless they become noticeably dirty such as an active grease gland. Short hair piggies can usually keep themselves relatively clean without a bath from us humans. Good luck with the new additions to your family! And feel free to share pigtures ;)
Welcome to the forum and the world of piggies. If they do have mites bathing will only make it worse. Mites are easily treated with a med called Ivemectin. Instuctions are on guinealynx.com or we can help you here.

We love pictures!
Thank you!! I will treat ASAP. I'll check guniealynx and let you know if I need further help!! and i'll get on the pics!! my girls are soooo cute :)
How exciting! Welcome to the wonderful world of piggies. It's great to see you got them from a shelter. That's how I got my piggy Borat. It sounds like they have quite a happy life already.
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