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Cavy Slave
Apr 26, 2012
hi everyone, my name is kristin! i have three beautiful little piggies (well little is probably an understatement) i don't know their age as i bought them from petsmart. i have an american guinea named meeko, a white crested guinea named scow, and a abyssinian guinea named snowball! they have a very small cage as i bought it whenever i only had 1, i'm thinking about upgrading and making a larger one but i'm on limited space too. they love to kick litter out of the cage which is a pain to clean up! i've tried litter pan things but they just chewed threw them and hid underneath it which scared me. they use to use the cotton like bedding that petsmart uses but they stunk very bad after only a few days so i switched to kiln dried bedding which they like a lot better. their favorite thing to do is when their foodbowl gets low is take the foodbowl out of the cubby and spill it all over the second floor of their cage. but i love their litle squeaks as i fill it back up! they truely are a great pet.. snowball has liquid courage and whenever the cat comes up to sniff them she bites the cage and sniffs her back! they are very funny :)
Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy the site, and find a lot of useful info here. I know I did!
Welcome to the forum. Are your piggies girls or boys? We'd love to see pictures if you have some to post. If you'd like to ugrade to a C&C cage, you'll see that most people here have one and you'll get lots of good ideas if you look around.
they are all three girls! i was thinking about getting a boy but i couldn't afford an extra cage at the time, i heard they can get pregnant really quick so i opted for all girls. they get a long very well. and i'm thinking about it actually. they hid some of my photos because they are in a cage too small which i didn't even know!!! i spent a lot of money on the cage i do have and would've loved to have found this site before so i could've got a big one. its the large covered cage kit and i'm thinking about getting it for my piggies :)
i would've rescued pigs, the only place to even find free guineas that need new homes is craigslist. petsmart was my only option :/ and i felt justified buying them from there. if i could buy all of them i would.
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