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Jan 23, 2012
Hello, My Name is Amanda, I currnetly live in the Killeen, TX area. We just recently got a guinea pig from a petstore for my boyfriend's son. ( i know, but the closest shelter was almost 4 hours away). I even checked craigslist. We bought him one guinea pig with the intention of evneutally adopting a second for a mate. Well after we got the Guinea pig (whom he named "Guinea") home. we noticed she was staring to get big fast, his dad was convinced she was just getting chubby, i was sure she was pregnant.

Well this morning I noticed that Guinea was very skinny and we had ONE big baby!

So, I guess now we have two, and i am hoping hoping that its a girl!!
Welcome to the forum! This happens A LOT with pet store pigs! I hope mom and baby are healthy and that baby is a girl! If not, make sure to house them in seperate cages (I'm not sure how long you'd have to wait, but I'm sure someone else will chime in). If it's a boy, I would look into getting him neutered so that he can live with mom. And, we love pictures!
Welcome to the forum Amanda!

I'm so glad that your girl was able to birth the baby on her own and that hopefully they are both doing well.:melodrama

Even if the baby isn't a girl you could easily get him neutered. If it is a boy, he'll need seperated from momma at 3 weeks old to make sure he doesn't get her pregnant. After a nuetering, males still need to be seperated for 3 more weeks to ensure they don't have any baby making juice left.:eye-poppi

If you have any pigtures, we'd love to see them.❤️
Welcome to the forum. See Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig for help on determining what the baby is. It can sometimes be hard to do until they're a couple of weeks old.

If it's a boy, you'll have to separate him from mom at 21 days of age, or he can impregnate her again.
Yes this happens more often than not with pet store pigs unfortunately. Have the baby sexed & separate at three weeks if it's not a girl. In that case there is always neutering once the little boy is older. Weigh both pigs regularily & track a healthy weight gain for both baby mother & pup. Good luck with your new family member!
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