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New Member


Cavy Slave
Jan 20, 2012
Hi, I am a new member and proud owner of 4 precious pigs: Charli, Victoria, Smooth, and Fuzzy.
Welcome! As soon as you figure out how to post pictures to the thread, let's see them! Everyone will be hounding you soon for pics anyway :)
And I shall start the hounding! lol Welcome to the forum! Yes, pigtures are a must!! :p
Hi and welcome! We have an addiction to pigtures around here, in case you didn't notice:crazy:
No problem, pictures I have plenty of! I will play around with this site tonight and see what I can come up with!:eek:
Okay everyone, an album is posted on my profile. Enjoy, and might I say you all have some handsome looking pigs!
I love the pictures! You're an awesome photographer. Your dog is really cute, too. lol
Your pigs are so cute! agh, i love it when they're a matching set. lol
Ohmahgosh, that picture of the two in the grass is the cutest. They look delighted to be out there!
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