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New Member with no Guinea


Cavy Slave
Jan 17, 2012
Hi Everyone!
I don't have a guinea pig yet, but I am getting one for my birthday in April. Building/Buying a C&C cage and putting it on a table because I have a dog. I am making a guinea pig binder for care and what they can and cannot eat and all about C&C cages ect ect.

Any tips, please comment down below, need as much as I can get!
I recently became a new owner (as of September 2011) and I have found this site to be the MOST helpful out of everything I have found on the internet. I would start by looking at all of the threads that are already posted under each section on the main forum page, and just start reading up. I'm sure if you have a specific question, someone has already asked and answered it, just search for it in the search bar! Just spend some time poking around other threads..You will learn way more than what anyone can post here!
Welcome Guineapigpigs! It is so wise of you to do all this research before you get a gp. Please look into adopting a pair of same sex pigs. You will find as you read thru this wonderful site dedicated to the love and welfare of guinea pigs we are pro adoption and pro rescue.
Kareebear gave great advice and said it all.

You will find we are passionate and love guinea pigs. Love sharing about them and love pictures. So looking forward to sharing and pictures.
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