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New Member.. With a couple questions..


Cavy Slave
Jan 13, 2012
Hello! I am new to the forum. We own 2 piggies & love them dearly. We first got Scarlett about a yr and a half ago now and then came Isabella about almost a yr ago now. They get along great, they eat well, and play and enjoy going outside in the sunshine the best.. The question I have is in regards to Scarlett. A little while ago I noticed a little lump under her arm. It didn't seem to bother her & still doesn't bother her if I touch it. I had my sister in law check it out for me as well and she said it felt fluid filled! But it has gotten bigger and seems to shrink a little and then get a little bigger at times. It doesn't bug her and she is a GOOD eater and drinker and plays and is loving.. I can't take her into the vet until next month and just trying to find a vet that knows what to do will be a challenge in itself. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions here? I have read that it is pretty common for them to get cysts. But I also know after doing some research that I don't want it to burst either! So I will be taking her in ASAP... Has anyone else gone thru this as well here??

Thank you! I am going to try and upload some photos of our piggies as well.
If it's soft and moves when you push gently on it, it's probably a cyst. But they can still cause problems, particularly if it's either big enough or in a place that affects her mobility.

Contact Orange County Cavy Haven and see if they can recommend a good vet for you. There's also a list of vets on the main page of this site, and also at Guinea Pig Cages, Care, Shelters, Veterinarians - Guinea Pig Zone.
Yes, it does seem to move around when I touch it. I don't try to press to hard on it as I don't want it to cause problems or pain for her. But she doesn't act like it bothers her. Then again I don't want it to pop on her either and release any of that into her system.. Ok, I will check them out for a vet in my area. I am in Redlands area which is near San Bernardino area.
Welcome! Can't wait to see the pictures. Hoping your piggy gets well soon. :)
Thank you! I posted a photo album ( I think) in my profile... Lol. I hope I did it right! If u can see them will you let me know if I did it right? THankx. :)
Welcome to the forum. I'll be sneaking over to look at the photos and I have no doubt they are adorable.
I am now wondering if maybe I am causing the problem with Scarlett? I am wondering if my piggies are too overweight and that has caused the cyst..?? They love their lettuce and I only feed them once a day (besides their pellets) but when I feed them I give them romaine, 2 baby carrots (1 for each) cucumber, oranges and once in awhile some apple slice.... But now that I am looking at them compared to some of the other pictures I see mine look so chubby???
I'm not sure if that is the reason. Never heard of that being the case in cysts. But I do know that feeding oranges on a daily basis is not good and can cause mouth sores which do need medical attention. try feeding them only once or twice a week. :) I don't think weight is much of a problem with guinea pigs.
Being overweight doesn't cause cysts.

How old are your pigs and how much do they weigh?

Oranges (and all fruits) should be only an occasional treat, not a daily food in their diets. And they need something with some more vitamin C in it -- I'd suggest about 1/4 of a bell pepper per pig per day -- less if it's a really big pepper.
ok. They are about a year and a year &1/2 old... I have given the bell peppers before. They don't seem to eat them. Can u suggest some other veggies with vit C? They don't really care for the oranges either but I know they have to have Vit C.. They will eat their veggies 1st and then save the oranges for later in the day or the next day. Should I be giving them fresh veggies daily or on a schedule?? I give them their pellets as I read that if they do not eat within so many hours they can die? Is that correct also?? Thank you for your help!
Feed fresh vegetables daily...

We recommend cilantro because it has a good Ca:p ratio, and because most pigs absolutely love it.

You can teach them to eat veggies by taking one vegetable at a time, dice it very finely (like a pencil eraser in 8-10 pieces), and put it on their pellets. They'll get enough by accident to get accustomed to the taste, and then you can feed it in larger amounts. Then start on another veggie. Start with the bell peppers again, and after a few days, offer a larger piece in with their other veggies. If they eat it, fine. If not, keep dicing it.

They should get about 1/8 cup of pellets per pig per day.
Great! I will try that for sure.. My piggies LOVE cilantro!! So much that they will steal it from eachother if given the chance! HA... They also love parsly as well. But cilantro is scarletts FAVORITE!! :)
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