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Adopting New Member of Piggie Family


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Apr 7, 2008
Well, I finally picked up Mo today. I had been in communication with her owner since she called me on the first of this month to see if I could adopt Mo. We had actually had a chance meeting not long before at K-Mart on the pet aisle; she had asked me if I had guinea pigs and the conversation went from there :) (She actually asked about stuff for guinea pigs to keep their teeth down and it felt really good to be able to give the right answers.) She mentioned that she had a guinea pig whom she thought might be pregnant because the person she got her from had housed her with a male (Don't know whether it was intentional or by accident.) On the spur of the moment I gave her my cell number out of interest for a pup or two if she turned out to be pregnant. That's how she got my phone number.

Long story short, she called on the first needing to rehome Mo because her young son would be having surgery by the end of March, and with Mo being potentially pregnant, she was concerned that she wouldn't get the attention she needed. I spoke with my parents and did a bunch of research, because of course I love my piggies and miss the sow I had when I was a kid(Brownie). Around four weeks later, Mo is home with us. Despite her being by herself for at least a week before the lady called me, and the fact that she won't be housed with my boys, I have her quarantined in a separate room and she will be for at least a week or two.

I don't recall whether she's been weighed at all, but tomorrow I will start weighing her as well as check her nails and start getting her used to ME handling her. Today, I've mainly been letting her get used to the cage as well as having cats and dogs staring in at her (She was the only pet in her household). She gets alfalfa-based pellets, timothy hay, and tonight with her veggies I added some parsley since that has a decent amount of calcium.

Without further ado, pictures:

[GuineaPigCages.com] New Member of Piggie Family[GuineaPigCages.com] New Member of Piggie Family[GuineaPigCages.com] New Member of Piggie Family

To me, as well as her previous owner, she looks like she might be pregnant. Regardless I think she's adorable, and both my parents say she's a beautiful guinea pig. Also, her name may not stay Mo though my dad has been calling her Momo, which honestly was running through my head when I was thinking about names that have Mo in them. I like Momo, which means "peach" in Japanese (Kinda ironic since I live in Georgia). I'm working on making a piggie elevator so that I don't stress her out trying to catch her, and I also don't want to risk hurting her or any unborn pups if she is pregnant. And the shelving in the picture is for support in the cage but I might move it so that it isn't in her way, though she had no trouble running laps earlier (Boy was she moving too.)
She's beautiful, I'd definitely keep an eye on her weight, but she could also just be a chunky pig lol. She's simply beautiful.
She's so sweet. Congrats on having her and she does look a bit pregnant to me as well though I don't have a ton of experience with pregnant piggies. I do know that the normal gestation time is about 10 weeks and if it's been 4 since you've been talking to the owner you might be about 6 away from babies showing up so you have some time to prep. She should be weighed daily to make sure she's gaining steadily.

Good luck, she's a sweetie. I like the name Momo. You could always call her Mama too, since it looks like she'll be one. She could be Mama Pig, like on that cartoon show Peppa Pig and if she has a boy and a girl you can name the Peppa and George which are the names of the Mama's kids. :)
the last picture does she have a mite problem looks like a scab
She is beautiful and I hope all goes well prayers and good vibes sent your way, I like momo or big momma or lil momma
and on her side too.
hmm scab or brown spot? but good catch.
Those are brown spots, so far I actually haven't noticed any signs of mites. Actually, I haven't really seen her scratching at all *fingers crossed*.
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