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New member Introduction


New Member
Cavy Gazer
Jan 7, 2012
:) I am very happy to be a member of this forum. I do not have guinea pigs yet. I decided today on my birthday that I will place my name on the waiting list of our local shelter to give 2 guinea pigs a forever home. I live in Jordan.
Welcome! And congratulations to you for deciding to adopt rather than buy a guinea pig. I hope you'll get them soon.
Yay, welcome to the forum! What a good decision to get piggies, they are so awesome! I can't wait ti see pigtures of your babies when you get them from your shelter. There are two very lucky piggies out there :)
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Welcome and congrats on getting piggies you will luv them very much. Cant wait to see these lucky piggies.
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:cheerful:
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