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New member and new guinea pig :D


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Apr 12, 2012
Hello, my name is Jessie i'm 22 and live in merseyside!
i've just joined and i also just got a guinea pig :)

i've been brought up with guinea pigs, my mum had about 6 when i was younger and they were the cutest little things ever!!

i've been waiting to find the right guinea pigs and i found one :D

i bought him two days ago, i was hoping to get two as they like being in pairs but he was by himself to i was only able to get one :( I will be getting him a little play friend as soon as i find the perfect one!!

Here he is! His name is Jagger hehe
[GuineaPigCages.com] New member and new guinea pig :D
He's adorable! Welcome to the forum.

Please look into adopting a companion for him.
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