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New Mama


Cavy Slave
May 25, 2012
For our wedding anniversary Tuesday night we went out for a nice dinner, had a bottle of wine and then ended up adopting two precious pigs that needed a new home! We bought the "standard issue" cage, but quickly realized that this is going to be our travel cage, and blueprints are being drawn up as we speak for their "cavy condo." We are new parents and need all the advice we can get! When do they normally adjust to their new home? "Daisy" is more of an explorer and is coming out nicely, but "Lily" is still hiding in her bedroom and only comes out at night when the lights go off. It has only been three days, so I'm sure she'll come around.
Welcome to GPC! Hopefuly that Cavy Condo is awesome!
Welcome! My shy piggie took a couple of days to come out and explore. I only noticed because he started drinking out of his water bottle and I saw his little nose.
Your shy girl might already be exploring a bit when you're not looking for a short period of time. Hopefully you can catch her in the act if you tip toe to the cage. Or she just might be too shy at the moment.
Good luck!
Welcome to the forum! I hope you like it here as much as I do. There's a lot of great info here. Make sure to check out the photos link at the top for cage ideas. There are so many creative people making cages, sometimes it's hard to pick a favorite one.

After I get an animal in, 3 days is the maximum I leave it alone to adjust. After that, they just get used to hiding all the time. Pull Lily out, calmly, put her in your lap for some pets and her veggies (don't forget a towel, or you'll get peed on). 5 minutes or so should do it, once or twice a day until she learns to trust you. Good luck.
Welcome! This forum is full of great advice and friendly cavy slaves! I'm a newbie too but tent to not think of myself that way.. I did lots of research before getting my girls. Can't way to see piggitures :)
The girls are exploring more and Daisy comes and gets her veggies out of my hand now. Lily is still lurking in her hut mostly, but she is coming out to eat and drink when the lights are on, so that's progress! I am holding them for cuddle time about twice a day, but Lily makes the little noises that lets me know she's nervous. Definitely different personalities. I have an outgoing explorer and a shy, cautious piggy. I'm sure in time Lily will come around. We are building their new home today, so wish us luck!
Happy Anniversary! Most of my new guinea pigs have been special occasion related, too. I'd love to see some photos of your new additions..... Welcome!
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