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New Mama to 3 girlie piggies.


Cavy Slave
Jun 8, 2012
I have had my piggies for about a month. I got them as my Mother's Days gift lol. I have 2 girls Molak and Foofa. I currently have both my girls in a large petstore (1.5X2.5) cage. I am getting my c&c crate goodies tomorrow. So I am hoping to have them in a raised two lvl L shaped CLOSED crate. I also have a cat (Cat) that loves to watch them and 2 dogs Gandalf and Savannah. Gandalf thinks they are his little babies and gives them kisses during lap time. Im amazed at the amount I love these little girls. The kids are so good. My 5 yr old is GREAT with them. he so gentle and loving and likes to give them hay. My 3 yr old is ok. She lasts about 15 mins before I have to give her a break. LOL. They only handle them under supervision.

I would like to thank all you guys for all the information I have learned from this site. I know that I will be able to give the best life I possibly can with all this info.

oops its says 3 but I only have 2 :)
Welcome to the forum and the world of piggies! So glad you found us!! We here love piggies and sharing about them.z

We love pictures and will look forward to pictures.
Feel freeto ask any questions you would like. We are here for you.
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