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New mama, new member!


Cavy Slave
Dec 26, 2011
Hello! I'd like to introduce myself, and my first-ever piggie, Logan!

I am a 16-year-old Floridan cavy lover, new to the art of being a cavy slave, but very much in love with these cuddly angels! Logan is, as I've said, my first guinea pig, and so far, is the love of my life :)

I suspect he is an Abyssinian, and know he is a male. His previous owner put his age somewhere "around like, maybe nine months or something". I haven't yet gotten him to an exotics vet, as it's very hard to find one in my area.

He's about 8.5 inches, and I'm not sure of his weight yet; he's got a mostly white body with a black rump and a black "mask", as well as a mottled pink-and-black ear and one black foot.

Logan is a rescue- I found him at a neighbor's garage sale, with "free to a good home" stuck on his tiny cage. He had no hidebox, a dirty water bowl, and no hay; as well as several old pieces of corn cob strewn around his cage. I had been looking into adoption, but I couldn't leave him, so I adopted him after some careful discussion with my parents. Currently, he's been moved into a 2.5x2 ft cage, (which is entirely too small, I am aware, but the sudden adoption didn't give much time for preparation), and as soon as my order of coroplast comes in, I'm going to be moving him to a larger, 2.5x4 ft C&C cage. Eventually, I hope to adopt for him another male to be his companion.

I've had him for four days, and he's been slowly adjusting to his new home. I've given him about a cup of fresh veggies a day, and treated him to a slice of banana this morning. He's slowly eating more and more, and I seem to be removing less wilted romaine from his cage every day :)

I've been using the "towel trick" to bond with him- wrapping him securely in a towel and resting him on my chest, a position he holds as I currently type this. I hope this will make him more comfortable with handling. I managed to trim his nails a bit and comb his hair, and other than some concerns about a possible bald spot, he 'suffered' through it and rewarded me with some gentle purrs. He still runs into his hidebox whenever I approach, but he occasionally will sniff my fingers when I sit very, very still.

So far, I'm loving being a cavy mama :) Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the wonderful world of being a cavy slave. I currently have three boys, Spunk, Spike and Hurley. Hurley is the baby and my newest addition to my animal family. The boys also have two dog sisters, Onyx, black lab/pit mix who is a year and a half old and Mocha, my 1 month old chihuahua. Mocha is still with her mom and 3 sisters and a brother.

It sounds like you are giving Logan much needed love. I agree that you should think about getting him a friend soon, since piggies do like the company and when you aren't there he won't get lonely.
Hi and welcome! Thank you for taking Logan in and being such a good new mommy to him! We love seeing pictures of piggies on here so if you have any please post.
Welcome! Thank you for taking Logan. I found an older piggie, in a small, cage at a swap meet. Paid 10,00 dollars for him just to get him out of the sun. He was a wonderful guinea. Read all of the great info on this fabulous site for cavies and their slaves. You will find everything you need from food to health. As Hhbean says we love pictures. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of Logan. and of sharing all things piggie.
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Welcome! Thank you for taking in Logan! I love that name! (I had a hamster named Logan when I was six). It sounds like you are a very good piggy mom! By the way, I found that my bonding process with Leo (my current piggy) sped up tenfold when I started hand feeding him veggies, so you could try that. And yes, this forum is addicted to pigtures.
Congrats and welcome! Good to know he has found a loving home and a better way of life. Sounds like you have got a great little guy there!
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