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Cavy Slave
Jan 3, 2004
I need a new logo for this site. I have some directions I've drafted, but not happy with any of them yet. I plan on spending some money to do the 'contest' thing to get one professionally made. But, it's a challenge as not too many people get guinea pigs.

I need a marriage of a look of a grid or C&C feel with a guinea pig in some fashion. Simple enough to shrink down to a small avatar.

Please email me at

[email protected]

Please do not create a post here on this forum for it. I don't like having to publicly say what I like or don't like about someone's design. It's too hard.

I know we got some very creative talent out there. I could use some arty help!

I'm closing the thread to replies to remove the temptation. :)
Not open for further replies.