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Carefresh New Kaytee Paper


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Apr 19, 2012
I just picked up a bag of Kaytee Clean & Cozy for small pets. I think what sold me was the 99.9% dust free. I usually use Carefresh. I use fleece and only have a small section with paper. The white/white paper does concern me. I think bleach and don't want the girls playing with bleach paper. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. lol
Contact Kaytee and ask them. I had contacted them awhile back about another product and they said it wasn't bleached. They also sent me some coupons.
I don't know about it being bleached, but I use it for my Hamsters and they love it. They stuff up their houses/tubes etc.

I dont think it lasts as long as carefresh regarding odor, I think carefresh does a better job, but I like it because it is white and you can see things better.

It also expands like there is no tommorow! 1 bag lasts me almost 2 months with me changing 2 hamster cages at least once a week!
I love this stuff! I've used it for my hamsters, rats, and pigs. It works great as a litterbox bedding, as you can clearly see when it needs to be changed. My only issue is that it tends to be flung about quite easily, but I think that's due in part to my litterbox setup and size. For odor control, I found it to be better than carefresh. Not sure why that is!
I change their house everyday. I didn't want to put some new fangled stuff in there that would make them sick.
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