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New Here!


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Nov 19, 2011
Hello Everyone! I am so glad to have come across this site! I have browsed this site for months and I finally made an account!
My name is Lisa and I have two bonded males. I got them from my local humane society and they are a little over a year old now. There names are Stan and Chester. They are my first pair of males!
Chester is a wild one, very outgoing and loves to check everyone out and love to jump and run around.
Stan is a bit more reserved and loves to cuddle in his blanket and watch TV! He still loves his floor time as well! The humane society did not know if they were brothers or not but I assume they are.
Just as i side note I have a resue cat and two beta fish!
I hope to be active on the website and learn new things about guinea pigs as they are by far my favourite animal and have been since I was 14!
Stan is the dark brown one and Chester is the orange and white one! :)

New Here!
Hi, sorry, but it froze on me. But welcome and very cute piggies! I'm getting my two boys next Friday. I am considering adopting a third, but I'm not sure yet.
Aww...they are little cuties! Welcome!
Very cute!! Welcome!!! :)
Cute pigs! Welcome to the forum.
Hello! You have some adorable piggies! Welcome to the forum. :)
So cute! Welcome! I'm a new piggy owner too and have been on here almost daily reading as much as I can about piggies.
They are both too cute. There's been so many new piggies lately...I love getting to meet them all!

Just to warn you, this site can be addicting. I've been on everyday for probably about a month now and STILL learning new things.
What sweet boys! They look very healthy! Welcome!
Stan had a broken tooth when I adopted him but after a few short weeks it was fully grown back! I kept an eye on it and it did not seem to affect his eating, except he had a hard time eating lettuce so I ripped it into small thin shreds.
Welcome to the forum! Your boys are so cute!
Welcome! You boys are sooo cute! I have a sow that loves to cuddle and watch tv too! my boys are more jumpy and active. Good luck with your boys and looking forward to seeing your posts :)
Welcome to the forum. Your boys are adorable. Thanks for sharing the photo.:eek:
Hi and welcome! You have a very handsome pair of piggies! :)
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