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New here with 4 piggies


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Mar 22, 2012
I have 3 kids (ranging from 9 - 13 years), one dog, 4 piggies and one almost trained husband. :)

I'm way up in Northern MN and not many people have Guinea Pigs around here that I've met so when my kids said they wanted Guineas, it was a very new adventure for us and a lot of research! We started off with 2 piggies but soon discovered they were missexed so we expanded the cage to add two more so each piggy has a buddy. While the piggies have been a blast, they haven't been without issues. Our first two came home with mange mites that took 3 weeks to properly treat. (And pet store was reported to every agency we could find in our area and hounded by us until they stopped selling sick piggies and got educated about piggy health! I still tell everyone I meet NOT to give them any business!) Our 3rd piggy had an upper respiratory infection when we adopted her and the fourth piggy rescue had a bum leg that needed antibiotics and time to heal. Had another one that was an emergency rescue but didn't make it, poor little guy had pnuemonia, URI, mites and was so dehydrated that the vet couldn't do anything for the sweetheart. :weepy: Makes me want to rescue every piggy in need if I could.

All 4 guineas that we have are now doing wonderfully, thriving, and loving all the attention they get from us. While we'd love to rescue more, I think my husband might kill me if I came home with another, lol. Our (awesome) vet probably wouldn't mind, I've spent more there with these guinea pigs than I ever had on any other pet we've owned! Not to mention the vet always gives them lots of cuddles when we take them in. lol The pigs are amazing though and I don't regret getting our little herd.

Our 4 sweet piggies are (sorry, not the most recent pictures, they're a bit bigger now):
[GuineaPigCages.com] New here with 4 piggies

[GuineaPigCages.com] New here with 4 piggies

[GuineaPigCages.com] New here with 4 piggies

[GuineaPigCages.com] New here with 4 piggies

I have a video of our newest cage loaded to youtube if anyone is curious. Its a multi level C&C with open front for easier cleaning and access. I use the fleece liner method and potty pans for our bedding. New C&C Guinea Pig Cage - YouTube
Your pigs are VERY cute! And thank you for doing what you did about the petstore and being willing to take in piggies with the issues that they had.

Your cage is great. One concern is all the open edges around the ramp and the edge of the upper level. Please make sure you get some grids to protect those edges. Pigs have very bad depth perception (and vision in general) and could easily walk right off the edge of that upper level.

Otherwise, well done on the cage. I love that it's reinforced by the shelving posts. Again the piggies are super cute! They really are living the good life with you :)

Welcome to the forum.
Welcome, Love your cage and piggies.
The upper loft is actually not very high and they easily jump up and down, it's lower than it looks. :). I have an alternative ramp for the lower level that I used in our older cage but Calvin prefers this one so when I rebuilt the cage I made the loft lower for safety. I may still swap them out if they have any issues but they seem to have to issues thus far. When I swap the girls to the lower level I will definitely use the alternative ramps because they prefer the other one I have. (I swap them cages every few months)
And thanks for the welcome! (oh and I do appreciate the concern, I know it may look higher than it actually is)
i love your cage and you piggies, great job!

I added a few pictures to the multi level open cage gallery that shows the bottom ramp with sides and the top loft with the catch edge that I put on for the potty pan when it's up there. I swapped it to this to take pictures again last night and the girls were ticked at me for closing up the edge and Luna kept trying to push it away. Silly girls. They finally gave in and resigned to using the ramp to go up, I think they were just being lazy. lol. All of mine love to jump around, it's adorable. When I took the ramp off the bottom loft to swap it out Calvin ran over and jumped all the way to the loft (sans ramp) then popcorned around all proud of himself. Hahaha. He's a riot!
Awwww! Your piggies sound adorable, and so happy to be living with you, taken care of and healthy! Welcome to the forum! I am so glad that you reported the pet store, and followed up so that more animals aren't mistreated, and more animal parents aren't taken advantage of. It's so important to try to put these nasty places out of business. It sounds like they were buying their pets from a "puppy mill" kind of place.
They originally got them from supplier but the ones I got from the they had bred from a female of their own. She was so sad and sick looking and I wish I had really saw her before I bought them and knew better back then. She was almost completely bald with scabs all over.... I'd say she probably had an infestation of mites for a LONG time. When I found that out I called and hounded them constantly to get her treated along with any others they had. They didn't even know what mites were and thought this was normal for a pregnant sow! I was so ticked. After it was all said and done I was told they no longer had her and my guess is she probably died. :( I can only hope that they don't resume selling pigs and if they do that it never gets to that point again. With the help of friends we fully intend to continue to do spot check visits so we can continue to report it if it arises again. I don't know what happened last time as far as our reports went but I know that even the vets in the area are now aware of the animal treatment there too. The whole experience was eye opening, I wouldn't have believed the conditions in some of these pet stores had I not seen them myself first hand.
Thanks for taking care of these wonderful creatures and reporting the store!

They are so beautiful!
Your guinea pigs are adorable! I have 4 guinea pigs as well, all boars, 2 little boys, one dog and I also own a husband. lol I espcially like Zeus's coloring. He looks like such a sweetie. =D
Kristine, I applaud you! Keep up the good work!!! Your piggies are so cute and so blessed to have you as their Mama.
welcome! Great lookin' pigs and love the cage!
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