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New here....from Mississippi


Cavy Slave
Apr 8, 2012
Hey guys,

I'm brand new here. So new that I don't even have any piggies yet. I'm planning on getting a pair of female skinny pigs within the next few months.

I'm still searching this site, trying to get ideas for my cage, etc.

I'm thinking I want to go with fleece. It looks better (to me) and I won't have to worry about the piggies getting dust in their eyes or bits of bedding in their eyes.

My question is this....what do you put under the fleece? Between the fleece and the coroplast? Newspapers? I was thinking about using the puppy pee pads, but I was worried that if the pigs got to it, they'd chew it up and then they would be ingesting plastic and cotton (or whatever the pads are made from).

If anyone one has any suggestions or good threads on this site that I should check out, please let me know!

One last thing.....any other Mississippi Cavy Lovers out there?? I'm wondering if there are any local cavy shows or anything like that? Just curious.


Hey My name is Beth and I live in Marion,Mississippi about an hour and a half or so from you. I have two girls. I am not a big fan of skinnies but welcome to the forum. There is a Guinea pig needing a new home in your area on craigslist. Lots of good advice,ideas and friendly people here.
Welcome to the forum! Where are you getting your babies from? I love skinnies! Got 2 boys myself.
Puppy pads can rack up to be quite the expense, but some people use towels and others use U-haul pads etc etc.
As far as the fleece goes, there is a huge thread about them.
(broken link removed)
And I'm sure the mods and others can direct you to other threads as well.
Again welcome :)
I use towels under my fleece currently, but am switching over to fleece liners. An example of a brand of fleece liners can be seen over at PiggyBedSpreads.com Making Your Guinea Pig's World a Beautiful Place!, and if you have some basic sewing skills you can do them yourself on the cheap!

I'm doing liners because it's so much easier to change the fleece bedding. Towels have worked wonderfully for keeping the cage dry.

I'd also recommend reading up on the negatives of cavy shows on on these forums. There's some things you may end up not feeling comfortable with.

And of course, welcome to the forums! This is definitely the best place to learn about cavy care! :eek:
I'm hoping to get them from Hairless Hilltop Hunks. HHH is the closest one to me (even then, it's still a 7 hour drive!) I've just fallen in love with the little hairless piggies.
Thanks for the heads up on shows. I'll read up on them. I'm not interested in showing, I was just thinking about the shows as a source for accessories or networking (in the sense of meeting other local cavy people).

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