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New here and New to Guinea Pigs


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Feb 14, 2012
Hi, im Suz im 31 and have my first ever guinea pigs. We rescued 2 males from someone who wasnt looking after them properly. They are about 14 weeks old and seem very scared. They are in a hutch in our double shed at the moment, they were left outside before with no cover over the hutch at all :( They are called Ollie and Jasper.

We currently have 3 hamsters and a gold breasted finch. We had 2 bonded bunnies until Aug last year when in the space of 6 weeks a fox got them both! :( My children were devestated, i said no more but things just havnt been the same without them. I had looked into guinea pigs but wanted to wait until the spring, until these 2 little ones came to my attention.

Ive got 2 children aged 6 and 11 and just reading alot about our new additions to our family.
Just been reading on here about fleece bedding and a few other bits, everyone seems really lovely on here and it looks a fab place to get the info i need.
Welcome to the forum! We'd love to see pictures.

I hope you'll consider housing them inside. They're much safer from predators there, not to mention that you get to really enjoy their antics. Plus, since they're prey animals, they tend to hide illnesses, sometimes past the point of recovery. If you're seeing them many times a day, you'll catch any signs of illness much more quickly.

Read the articles on the Home page of this site and those at Guinea Pig Education, Care, Rescue and Adoption at Cavy Spirit -- there's some really great information in them on cages and care for your pigs.

Good luck with your new furkids.
Welcome! I agree about housing them indoors. One of the guinea pigs our rescue took in was attacked in its outdoor hutch. Its cagemate was killed and the survivor never fully recovered. He was so traumatized, he never stopped squeaking. Guinea pigs are very social and love attention from humans so it's a win-win situation to have them indoors where you can enjoy each others company.
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