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New Here and New Guinea Pig Parent :)


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May 24, 2012
Hi everyone, my name is Danielle-Danni for short and my 9 year old daughter and I are new to Guinea Pigs, we just brought home our first baby last Sunday, at 5 weeks old. He seems to be a bit skittish as they said they did not hold him much, but we have been trying to spend as much time with him as we can a day. We will have lots of questions I am sure, please be patient with us as we are very new to this but want to and will do everything possible to make sure he has a wonderful home and life with us. We seen an ad for baby Guinea Pigs up for adoption- a girl had a Guinea Pig who was pregnant when she got it. Since I am involved in dog rescue, I knew adopting was the way to go. :love: My daughter, Brianna, named him EJ Smith. It is short for Captain Edward John Smith- the captain of the Titanic lol. She loves Titanic as much as I do! So we call him EJ. We have done quite a bit of reading, though I do still have some questions I will post under the appropriate threads regarding food, and him living as a single. Nice to meet you all!
Welcome! I can't wait to see pigtures of EJ and hear your questoins.
I'm excited for you to experience such an amazing pet.
Do you know what kind of piggie he is? :D
Welcome to the forum and the world of piggies! Check out all the great reading that is here to give your new baby the best life ever.
We are here for your and all of your questions. Cant wait for pictures. Looking forward to sharing all things piggie.
I love his name, and how he got it!
At first it confused me, because I thought the captain was John Jacob Astor. Google reminded me that he was not. Oops! I guess I know what movie my piggie George and I will be watching this weekend!
Oh, and I'd love to see pictures! :)
Welcome to the forum! I hope you like it here as much as I do. There's a lot of great info here. There is a sister site to this one called Guinea Lynx https://www.guinealynx.info/main.html-this is the link for the index page. I think I've read most of it, but I keep going back for refreshers. You can check out the diet page, which has a sortable nutrition chart that's really cool. We do love pig-tures here, and I look forward to hearing updates!
Awesome! Welcome! You seem to already know a bunch about guinea pigs. Woohoo, adopting is the way to go :D
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