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New here and in need of advice


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Apr 2, 2012
Good Morning,

We are the proud adoptive parents of two 6 month old piggies, Nugget and Gizmo. They are brothers and as far as I know have always lived together. We picked them up from a university student last Thursday. They have been fighting some. They also make a purring sound, which I read is an aggressive thing. They have the proper size cage. Could it be the change of surroundings? I emailed the former owner to ask if they got along, but haven't gotten a reply. Any advise?

Thanks - Berny
I am going through the exactly same thing right now. My boys are about the same age as yours and they are going through their adolescent age right now and fight like crazy. They are trying to establish who is more dominant. I had to seperate them in different cages right now because they are constantly at each other and the fighting was escalating into hurting each other. I plan on re-introducing them in a month or so. As long as your boys aren't physically hurting each other I would just leave them to figure it out.
i bought a giant hidey that is big enough for the both of them and they enjoy it because they could be in it without touching eachother
the cage is like 3 1/2 feet by 2 1/2 feet
Their cage is 4' x 2'. I thought the hidey might be the problem, so I did put another in.
hope it works out
Don't worry about what sounds they make -- they understand them, and that's all you need to know. You also don't need to worry about aggression unless one of them is being bitten or harassed to the point that he can't eat and is losing weight.

If the hideys don't have both an entrance and an exit, take them out and substitute some that do. A cardboard box with the ends and floor cut out will work, so will step stools from the dollar store. At this age, you don't want anything in the cage that will allow one pig to trap another.
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